Location of Universities in Orissa in a map

The following map shows the existing locations in Orissa where universities are located. As one would notice the vast middle part does not have any universities.

Our initial recommendation is that by 2015 Orissa must have universities covering the middle part. In particular there must be universities in:
  • Kandhamala (Phulbani)
  • Kalahandi (Bhwanipatna)
  • Angul
  • Keonjhar
  • Balangir
The above will ensure that each of the 13 undivided districts of Orissa have at least one university. (In this regard, it must be noted that the government of the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh also recently decided to have at least one university in each of its 23 districts.)

In addition Rourkela must have a comprehensive university offering programs in arts, science and commerce. This can happen either by broadening BPUT or by establishing a comprehensive university in the Rourkela area.

The following map with blue marks shows where university presence need to be established or enhanced at the earliest. (Definitely by 2015)
Our next goal is to make sure that the other urban agglomerations have quality college opportunities at the Bachelor level and are within 2 hours distance of a Masters level institution/college/university. In addition we plan to have additional universities, mostly in urban areas with more than 100K population (which do not have a university), by 2020. These areas are showed in yellow in the following map.