Pradeep Lal: Rural institutes

Dear Prof. Chita Baral,
       Thank you very much for all your efforts to improve the social conditions of orissa. I am Pradeep Lal from Sundargarh, Orissa. Currently, I am doing PhD in National Institute of Genetics, Japan. I went through your webpage ( I really appreciate your plan and the presentation file. Implementation of all of the above plan has the potential to improve the GER, but it seems to me that it will create huge pressure on cities due to emphasis on the city centric education. I have the following idea.
1. Just opening new colleges and universities wont fill up the class room. Education level of people and economic condition are linked. I think there should be more institutes specialised for village skill revival, agriculture, pisciculture, honey bee farming. These institutes should reach to the panchayat level so that atleast one or two person from each village has the skill to teach others.
2. The above institute should not require any educational qualification rather should require economic background. They should also admit people who have interest in learning those skill.
3. For regular universities, engineering and medical colleges- In Japan, students pay the school fees and entrance exam fees after 6 months after the admission. So, during that time, they can apply to bank for support (loan) or apply to university for free studentship. This really helps in decreasing the financial need created during the time of admission. I think implementation of the above idea with some modification can really improve enrolment ration from the financially challenged people.
4. Sustainable development should be our main focus. Waste management is one of the area which has been unexplored in India. This can create a big employment opportunity.

I think all the above points mentioned can improve economic and financial condition of people of orissa and improve the GER indirectly. Now I will propose some more ideas which may be already mentioned in your website.

1. Rourkela-Rajgangpur- Jharsuguda inudustrial area- With the increase in number of industry, the environment is getting really polluted. People of these places will realize in future. I think there should be an environment engineering and waste management institute specialized to handle the environmental hazards created by the industries in these areas. The industries located in this region should be asked to fund this environmental engineering institute.
2. To improve sports education, the sundargarh district head quarter sports facility should be made a proper sports institution. When I was in B S High School, the sports hostel had just “14 hocky players”. I have no idea if that sports hostel exist anymore or not. Building a sports institute can have its own effect on sports education.
3. A university between rourkela and Rajgangpur industrial area which should cover humanities, basic science, mathematics, management, engineering, medicine etc. With ever increasing size and population of Jharsuguda town, this place also needs a similar university. You have already mentioned about the above. I think these university campus should not be in the middle of the city. They should be located somewhere similar to Sambalpur University at Burla (located outskirt of the sambalpur town) and communication medium should be improved. This will not only decrease pressure on the cities but also improve the underdeveloped areas in the district.

If I get some more ideas which is not already in your website, I will let you know as soon as possible.

Thanking You,


Pradeep Lal,
D2 Graduate Student,
Division of Molecular and Developmental Biology,
National Institute of Genetics,