Odia Samaja feedback

1. Orissa must create an infrastructure for Remote education.  The three established Universities namely Sambalpur, Utkal and Berhampu should be funded decently and goaled  to have a remote site in equal number of districts each, where there are no universities.
These campuses will be located in each District. They would use master teachers,  5 of whom will be identified by each of  the 4 existing Universities (Ravenshaw,  Utkal, Berhampore, and Sambalpur Universities) and autonomous Colleges and courses broad cast to the substandard colleges that have come up, to upgrade the standard and make them uniform. Additionally, they should make  provision for  the students to meet regularly say for six days every two months to develop peer interaction, a part of the study. This will upgrade the standard and access in no time. Each of the blocks  can have a remote center if Broadband is made to reach all Block HQ in next 3 years.

2. De-funding of old Universities, while starting brand new ones, is a very reprehensible pattern, that is developing all over India. Quality higher education can't be had this way. There  should be a few centers of excellence rather than a large number of tutoring shops, devoid  of creative & critical thinking.

3. Tuition should be totally banned and the rules enforced, strictly. Otherwise whole education infrastructure  will collapse due creation of Zombies. Quota can be managed but "Kota" will irreparably damage the system.

4. Private and Public Sectors must be persued/asked by Govt. of Odisha  with setting up Higher education Institutes and Medical Colleges in their area of opeartion as their Social responsibilities.
For example , SAIL , RSP can be asked to setup an Engg. College and a Medical College in and around Rourkela. Similarly Vedanta can be asked to setup a University and Higher education Institutes in Kalahandi. Examples follows for other Corporates and Public Sectors which are using Odisha's Natural and mineral Resources.

Prashant K Sahoo
CE, Odia Samaja
New Jersey, USA