Improving Universities: Prof. Durga Mishra

  1. Open undergraduate programs in Universities like Utkal, Berahampur and Sambalpur Universities to make them complete. This will be carried out in addition to existing undergraduate colleges like BJB college etc.  

Logistics: (i) This will make the universities full fledged similar to US or UK universities. (ii) The PG or research faculty can easily interact with undergraduates and the UG students can participate in various research programs. (iii) Knowledge sharing will be easier and it will have long term impact. 

  1. Plan to provide additional (complete) independence to the universities similar to state universities in the US with metrics for excellence.  Even if the universities may not be ready it will give them an opportunity for excellence. 
  1. Merit based salary increase in academics in addition to structured promotion will attract bright students to stay back in academia. 
  1. Student graduation rate with quality (minimum required knowledge) of these universities needs to be evaluated in regular basis. 
  1. Invest heavily in technology for campuses: (i) University operation needs to be transferred to entirely computer based which will lead to transparency, reduce paper work and bureaucracy. (ii) Every student whether humanities, science or engineering required to have minimum technology (computer) literacy.