Grand Challenges Research Centers and Institutes

The National Academy of Engineering in the USA in collaboration with other national academies has come up with a set of  grand challenges. Orissa should pursue establishment of institutes corresponding those and similar topic relevant to Orissa. For example, the following institutes may be established.
  1. Solar Energy Institute.
  2. Fusion Engineering and Design Institute.
  3. Carbon Sequestration and Global Warming control Institute.
  4. Nitrogen Management and Clean Coastal Water Institute.
  5. Water Management Institute.
  6. Urban Infrastructure and Transportation Institute.
  7. Health Informatics Institute.
  8. Personalized Medicine Institute.
  9. Brain Science and Engineering Institute.
  10. Terror Prevention Tools Design Institute.
  11. Secure Cyberspace Institute.
  12. Virtual Reality Institute.
  13. Personalized and Distance Learning Institute.
  14. Engineering Tools for Scientific Discovery Institute.
The above list is indicative and only with respect to Engineering. It may be changed to include more India and Orissa specific topics. Similarly topics from Science and Humanities may be added.

The way Orissa can help in the establishment of such institutes is that it can create a corpus fund of 200 crores (half from the government and half from industries) and offer 10 crores as seed money to institutions like IIT, NISER, AIIMS, NIT, National University, VSSUT etc. to create one such institute The goal would be to have 40-50 top notch researchers working in each of these institutes focusing on that specific challenge and aiming to be among the world leaders in those challenge topics. This approach is better than having stand alone research institutes because the researchers in these research institutes can teach. Off late Indian leaders have realized that the approach of separating research from teaching, where research is mostly done in research institutes and teaching is done at universities and teaching institutes is not good.