Bhawanipatna as 6th Tier-2 metro

-: ODISHA VISION 2020 :- 



  Bhawanipatna is the district head quarter of kalahandi, state odisha. It surrounds many small towns like kesinga, junagarh, dharmagarh etc and these are NACs. Bhawanipatna is an old municipality (1951) with population more than one lakh (real population) it’s self. Vedanta alumina ltd.(VAL) is in lanjigarh which is 23 km far from bhawanipatna in air but due to lack of infrastructure, it is 50 km far from bhawanipatna indirectly. If we take these four towns along with bhawanipatna then we can consider bhawanipatna as a greater bhawanipatna area with population 2 k and it will be more than 5k towards 2020 because bhawanipatna is a fastest growing town and lanjigarh is the dream of Vedanta (VAL) as said by vedant alumina ltd. 




--- Geographically Bhawanipatna is situated at the center of KBKK districts so it communicates all KBKK districts directly. Additionally it has all major infrastructures like NH, Railway networks to connect all the KBKK districts.

--- Generally it is consider as a part of western odisha by odisha government but World Bank considers it as a part of south odisha. That’s why it is neither western odisha nor south odisha but south-west odisha. We can include many districts in south-west odisha area like Kalahandi, Nuaparha, Balangir, Nabarangpur, Rayagada, Kandhamal etc.

      • I want to state here that all the proposed tier-2 metro educational hub areas are situated outside the south-west odisha, neither one of them is in south-west odisha nor in the 200 km radius of the area.
      • Proposed tier-2 areas like 1- Bramhapur is in south odisha, 2- koraput-joypur is in same south odisha, 3- Balasore-bhadrak is in north odisha, 4- Raurkela is in north-west odisha, 5- Sambalpur is in west odisha but neither one of them is in south-west odisha nor very near to it and Bhawanipatna is the center of the south-west odisha.  Every time this area is missing by all. When we talk about it we always project our angle towards Sambalpur-koraput corridor but miss the middle part. That’s why Bhawanipatna area should be taken as tier-2 metro educational hub by replacing the status of tier-3 area.
      • If we geographically take the south-west odisha then it will be the 1/5th of the total area of the state odisha and by taking the account of population, it is 1/6th of the total population of odisha. That’s why bhawanipatna should be taken as 6th tier-2 metro educational hub due to population as well as area of south-west odisha i.e. 1/6th of total.




---KBKK consists of 9 districts out of 30 districts of the state odisha i.e. almost 1/3rd of the total districts of odisha. In area it is 55667 sq km and 1/3rd of total area of odisha(155707sq km). In population it has almost one crore   population out of total population of odisha (4 c) recently i.e. 1/4th of the total population. So  KBKK must have two tier-2 metro educational hub because except KBKK entire area of odisha has four tier-2 and  one tier-1 educational hub.

      • Why not KBKK has two tier-2 educational hub.  Why not bhawanipatna along with koraput. 
      • The above arguments have sufficient information to propose bhawanipatna as 6th    tier-2 metro educational hub.




            Bhwanipatna is the district head quarter of kalahandi situated at the center of KBKK districts and mentioned south-west odisha districts.

            Raipur the state capital of chhatishgarh state of India is 220 km far from bhawanipatna. Raipur is a fastest growing city and hence it relates bhawanipatna in all fields like business, health matter etc.  N.B. Raipur is going to have international Airport. Likewise, Visakhapatnam is a vast city of Andhra is 265 km far from bhawanipatna.

            The proposed tier-2 area i.e. Sambalpur is 300 km far from bhawanipatna and the same koraput is 250 km far from it. Neither one of them is very nearer to bhwanipatna area nor with in the 200 km radius of it.

            Vedanta alumina ltd. (VAL) is in industrial area i.e. Lanjigarh, which is 23 km far from bhawanipatna in air. A wide road is under construction between bhawanipatna and lanjigarh.


            Many NHs (201 and 217) and SHs are there which connect entire south-west odisha and KBKK from bhawanipatna area.

            A railway station is there at Kesinga which is 30 km from bhawanipatna. A new railway station is under construction at bhawanipatna (Lanjigarh-Junagarh line). Two new railway lines are in survey which will come after some days.

            An airstrip is there at Utkela in kesinga block which is 18 km from bhawanipatna and 12 km from Kesinga town. It has capacity to land a medium size airplane.

            Geographically bhawanipatna area is situated in a flat surface area. Lots of govt. plots are there around bhawanipatna area and which is positive point for establishing institutions.






      • Govt. Autonomous College, bhawanipatna.

                                    ( Naac à B++ and College with potential for excellence (CPE) ) 

      • Govt. women’s college, bhawnipatna.
      • Govt. college of Engineering kalahandi, bhawanipatna.
      • Govt. Agriculture college, bhwanipatna.
      • A medical college (Sardar raja’s medical college) will start soon.
      • Some private +2, +3 colleges.
      • Some residential +2 science colleges.
      • Some small private mba,mca institutes(distance course).



      • A National University in bhawanipatna by 2010.

                (It is a demand of above 2 decades of kalahandi people) 

      • Started Agriculture College must be converted to an Agriculture University by 2010.
      • The private medical college which is under construction must be start by 2010.
      • The govt. Autonomous College must be converted to a unitary university with in the period of 2010-1015.

                  {WHYà Naac- b++ and college with potential for excellence (CPE). It was the 1st to get the CPE status among with ravenshaw  college and GM college. It’s an unfair that ravenshaw got the status of university and Kholikot College is going to have the same status but, bhawanipatna is ignored. } 

      • A govt. Management institutes should be established by state or central govt. by 2012 because presently it has no management college. So it is necessary and urgent also. 
      • A govt. medical college must be established with in the period 2010-2015 by state or central govt. because the health problem is very very serious here.
      • A Nursing college should be established by 2012.
      • A branch of proposed IGNTU should be established here.
      • A off campus sambalpur university should be started.
      • 2nd campus of central university should be started.
      • Two polytechnic college must be established here one in bhawnipatna and another one in dharmagarh by 2012.
      • Two model colleges should be started in bhawanipatna and dharmagarh respectively by 2010.
      • A pharmacy college must be established here by state govt. soon because presently it has no such institutes.        Continue…
      • Later a National institute of pharmacy should be established by central govt. because by establishing it the local people will get a chance study here without going outside and hence they will stay here and can serve local people. By this the health problem of kalahandi will be controlled easily.
      • Govt. should pursue private engineering colleges with residential +2 Science Colleges to develop the educational environment here.
      • ITI/ITCs must be established in each block of kalahandi.
      • To push Vedanta to establish a Vedanta Kalahandi University here and a knowledge center of Vedanta University Puri within it. It will create sympathy in kalahandia people for Vedanta Alumina Ltd. 
      • A national music institute should be established here because locals are staying 500 km far from Bhubaneswar. That’s why they are not getting any scope to learn music. It will serve entire south-west odisha or KBKK also because music is high level art and hence a higher education.



      I think the above argument has all the sufficient information to take bhawanipatna area ( Kesinga-bhawanipatna-Junagarh-Dharmagarh) as a tier-2 metro educational hub area.

      If above suggested institutes will be established in bhawanipatna area then it will serve entire south-west odisha in a best way by 2020. 

  • Have a credit for changing kalahandi or changing a well known backward region of India.   

    An area’s development is a state’s development,

          A states development is a country’s development,

     A country’s development is a development of world.  

                                                                                     Best regards

                                                Santanu kumar sahu


                                                      South-west odisha.