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  • A better way to make new IITs: Since there is a lot of issues in upgrading existing institutes (such as making them IIT quality; dilution of IIT label) to IITs and creating brand new IITs immediately I suggest the following:
    • Upgrade the only non-IIT institute, IT BHU, which is worthy of being an IIT to an IIT immediately.
    • But that would further skew the distribution of IITs across Indian states. To counter that, and since India needs more IITs anyway, do the following.
    • Pick a few (say 5 or 6) states (Orissa, Bihar, Rajasthan, etc.) that are behind in terms of national level institutes like IITs and IIMs and establish a mini-IIT their with a mandate to make them into a full-fledged IIT in 10 years. Each of these mini-IITs would have a mentor from among the existing IITS whose mandate would be to make the new IIT. For example, IIT Kharagpur has an extension center in Bhubaneswar (in Orissa which does not have an IIT or IIM) that currently offers PGDIT. This can be declared as a mini-IIT and IIT Kharagpur can be given responsibility to turn it into a full-fledged IIT in 10 years. They can start with graduate programs, and add one department every year, introduce undergraduate programs in 3-4 yeats, and so on, until it becomes a full-fledged IIT in 10 years.

  • IIEST (Indian Inst of Engg. Sc and Technology)
    • Hindustan Times mentions that Bengal Engineering and Science University, Institute of Technology, Beneras Hindu University, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Andhra University, College of Engineering and Osmania University College of Engineering and University College of Techonology will be made IIESTs instead of IITs. 
    • If the IIEST will have more funds than NITs then the best NITs should also be tagged as IIESTs and new NITs should be made in those states. For example, NIT Rourkela is ranked higher than four of the above five selected institutes. So if IIEST will have a higher level in the eye of the central govt (especially with respect to funding) then NIT Rourkela should be upgraded to an IIEST and UCE Burla should be upgraded to an NIT.  
  • Central universities in Orissa: According to the UGC list of universities, none of the central universities , and none of the institutes of national importnace are in Orissa. There has been some efforts from Orissa MPs to convert Sambalpur University as a central university in Orissa. See [1]; [2]. (Recently, Allahbad and Manipur Universities have been proposed for conversion to Central Universities.)
    • Editor's comment (July 1 2005): The KBK region of Orissa is the most backward region of India, even more than North-east, where most of the central universities are located. So a comprehensive central university should be made in the KBK region. This university should have some of its departments spread across various towns in the KBK region, such as places like Koraput, Bhawanipatna, Balangir, and Raygada.
    • Editor's comment (July 1 2005): Like the Northeast region of India which often feels alientaed from the rest of India, the mountainous region of central India with a very high adivasi population is very underdeveloped and has bad infrastructure and as a result one sees activities and groups such as the Naxalites and the PWGs. The central government should focus on infrastructure development in these areas in AP, Orissa, Jharkhand and Chhatisgarh. Establishment of comprehensive central universities should be an important part of this infrastructure development.
    • Some steps in this direction: [Statesman-Oct24]

  • IIIT in Bhubaneswar: Was proposed in 2000, but not set up yet. See [1] (last paragraph), for the central govt's one time plan. For Orissa government's plan on this see [2], and [3].
    • 2006 June: It seems the OCAC and the Orissa government is serious about having a IIIT start by 2007.