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Editor's comment:

  • July 1 05: Government of Orissa should immediately establish 1-2 comprehensive KBK University with several branch campuses among the locations of Koraput, Raygada, Bhawanipatna, and Balangir. It should then push for central university status for this university. This university should be named after the first widely publicized person who died of hunger in KBK as a reminder for governments (both central and state) not to ever forget about this area.
  • May 2006: The renewal of RLTAP should include a proposal for 1-2 central universities in KBK. 
  • June 17 2006: Rayagada is a prime location for a new university in western Orissa. It is well connected and several private engineering colleges, MCA colleges and MBA colleges have come up here. It is a well-connected gateway to KBK, so the government could start here with a comprehensive university.