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Engineering Colleges in Bhubaneswar-Cuttack-Puri area (26): 

In Rourkela-Kansbahal area

In Berhampur-Gopalpur-Chhatrapur area

  • Roland Inst Of Technology (pvt), Surya Vihar, Berhampur, 761008 Dist Ganjam, Orissa (since 2002) (location?)
  • National Institute Of Science & Tech (pvt), Palur Hills, Berhampur- 761007, Ganjam, Orissa  (since 1996) (location)
  • Sanjay Memorial Institute Of Technology (pvt), Brundaban Vihar, Ankuspur-761100 Ganjam, Orissa. (since 1997) (location)

In Rayagada district

In Sambalpur-Burla-Baragarh area

  • Padmashree Kurtartha Acharya College Of Engg (pvt), At/Po Chakarkend-768028 Dist Bargarh Orissa (since 2002)
  • University College Of Engg. (govt), Burla, P.O. Engg. College, Sambalpur - 768 018. (location)

In Dhenkanal-Talcher area 

In Koraput district:

  • Gopal Krishna College Of Engineering & Technology (pvt), Jeypore - 764 005, Koraput, Orissa. (since 1999)
  • Samanta Chandrasekar Institute of Technology and Management. Pottangi, Semiliguda. Koraput. (since 2001) [Pottangi is 47 km from Koraput and 24 km from Sunabeda]


  • Balasore College Of Engg. & Tech. (pvt), Balasore Sadar Seragarh-756060, Balasore (since 2001)
  • Satyasai Engineering College, (pvt), Balasore (newly approved in 2006, may have had approval in the past) 

In rest of Orissa:


Editor's comments: 

  • July 1 05: These days AICTE is very concerned regarding the quality of teaching staff in many of the private colleges. Currently it provides support for faculty enhancment whereby faculty from these colleges got to an NIT, IIT (etc.) for a higher degree. One side effect of this is the colleges lose their good faculty, even if temporarily. AICTE should help in the establishment of graduate institutions in areas where there is a large cluster of engineering colleges. The CTC-BBSR area is a good example. It has 20+ engineering colleges, with no colleges (with the minor exception of 2 degrees at KIIT) that offers Masters degrees in Engineering subjects. By having at least one graduate school in BBSR-CTC, the teachers at the 20+ colleges can pursue a higher degree part time, thus with less of a loss to the college they are employed at. Such a scheme will do wonders for the faculty improvement goal of AICTE.
  • 12th Aug 2005: Considering that the government colleges such as CET and UCE are so popular (see ranking above) and the fact that now-a-days loans are easily available to engineering students, the Orissa government should hook up with a couple of banks, borrow money to upgrade the govt colleges (such as CET and UCE), increase the fees at those colleges to 80% of the private college fees to serve the bank loan, and guarantee loans (though banks) to all those who get admission. The government should wisely use the resulting fund to improve the infrastructure of these colleges. With this source of money and the fact that, government does not have to spend money on land, and there is already a budget for the exisiting faculty, there is no reason why CET and UCE can not have the infrastructure of KIIT or ITER or NIST.
  • June 18, 2006: The above listing of colleges show where the engineering colleges are concentrated at and where there is a lack of such colleges; the later implying opportunities for people wanting to open new colleges. Couple of areas that standout are: (i) The Kalinganagar - Duburi-Jajpur Road area where several steel plants are being established - Jajpur Rd is only 100 kms from Bhubaneswar in the Bhubaneswar-Howrah railway line and most express trains stop there. It is at the cross section of two National Highways including a part of the golden quadrilateral. Jakhapura, from where the Jakhapura - Bansapani  railway line branches out is the next station from Jajpur Rd towards Bhubaneswar.  (ii) The Paradeep area - With the Paradeep port, POSCO and anticipated ancillaries, this area is another prime location for an engineering college or two.

  • March 11, 2007: Another good location for a small cluster of engineering colleges would be the Jaleswar area. It is about 60 kms from IIT Kharagpur connected through both rail and roads. Thus faculty in the proposed colleges in Jaleswar can easily pursue higher degrees in IIT Kharagpur.