This is a place I set up to provide information on what is being done about the situation at Lake Orion Assembly. I get a lot of questions from concerned members wanting to know what is happening with the NLRB complaint, UAW Public Review Board appeal, and the possible Federal Lawsuit. I will try to post as much as I can on here. If you wish to recieve email updates please send your email address to: waun.nick@gmail.com. ~Nick Waun


Case Closed

UAW Public Review Board

The case has been rejected by the UAW International Executive Baord. We are currently discussing how to get it before the the UAW Public Review Board.

Grievance to get people back to Michigan

Many people originally from Orion Assembly were manhandled to get them out of Orion. Unfortunately most were forced to relocate out of state by a short sighted company and union. People who were innocent bystanders in all this are now facing extreme hardships. Currently jobs are opening in Michigan and we want to get everybody who wants to return home a chance to do so.



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