2018 News

April 2018 -

Stanley finished his NADAC Open Tunnelers title and Astrid finished her Novice Tunnelers title (with a 1st place!) in Golden CO.

March 2018 -

Stanley won his NADAC Open Tunnelers class and Astrid rocked her first agility trial in Novice Tunnelers as they each picked up two legs.

February 2018 -

Astrid got her International (IABCA) championship at the Desert Seiger in Arizona and won the Herding Group too!

2017 News

October 2017 - BCCA National Specialty!

It was a whirlwind week for the family at the 2017 National Specialty at Purina Farms outside St Louis. Our results were:

  • Jayne:
    • 2nd Place 6-9 Month Bitches, Puppy Sweepstakes, Judge Kirsten Andreassand
    • 1st Place 6-9 Month Bitches, Judge Michele Ritter

  • Max:
    • 1st Place 14+ Dogs, Veteran Sweepstakes, Judge Kirsten Andreassand
  • Astrid:
    • Made the cut in BOB under Judge Michele Ritter
    • Astrid's mother Beatrix went Best Opposite at the National from the 10-12 Veteran Bitches class! Congratulations owner-breeder-handler Beth Tilson!

August 2017 -

After 10 months, Astrid got back in the breed ring at the Greeley KC shows and went Select Bitch both days for two 4-point-majors!

July 2017 -

Maternity leave is over and Astrid is back to work! At the RTN AHBA night trial, Astrid picked up 1st place in the mixed flock (sheep and goats) ranch course and 3rd place in arena ducks to earn her HTAD I-d title!

Stanley went to a local NADAC trial and earned his TN-N title!

2016 News

December 2016 -

Astrid became the first beardie to complete the new AKC Farm Dog Certified title! This also completes the requirements for her BCCA Versatility Excellent award, at only 2 years old!

October 2016 -

Astrid was BOS at the Continental Divide Herding Association show for a 4 point GCH major, followed by Select and BOB at the Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club shows for 3- and 5-point majors!

September 2016 -

Astrid finished her Rally Excellent title at the BCCA National Specialty with a score of 95!

Astrid was Select Bitch and Best of Breed at the Evergreen Kennel Club shows, and she also picked up another Rally Excellent leg.

Astrid was BOB both days at the Cheyenne Kennel Club shows.

August 2016 -

Astrid was Select Bitch and BOBOH at the Greeley Kennel Club shows.

Astrid completed her first backpacking trip, hiking 15 miles over 3 days in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, crossing the Continental Divide twice, and peeing in as many alpine lakes as she could!

July 2016 -

The Rancho Terra Norte annual summer herding symposium is in the books! We had some wonderful lessons and also a great time trialing! Results include:

  • 1st place at the RTN AHBA Large Flock Ranch Course trial
  • 2nd place in HTAD ducks at the RTN ABHA trial
  • 2nd place in Started A Course Sheep at the BVKC AKC trial

June 2016 -

Astrid was Select Bitch Saturday and Best of Breed Sunday (for a 4-point GCH major!) at the Flatirons Kennel Club shows.

May 2016 -

Astrid and I went to the Trail Ridge Kennel Club UKC shows the first weekend in May and came home with 5 BOBs, 4 group placements, a herding group WIN and a new championship!

April 2016 -

At the Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club trial, Astrid qualified twice to finish her Herding Started title and got a Reserve High in Trial too! I am super proud of this girl who shows she can get it done in the show ring AND the herding arena!

Astrid went Select both days at the Terry-All KC shows for her first grand champion points!

Wow! What a thrilling weekend we had at the Scottsbluff Kennel Club shows in Nebraska! On her very first day showing as a special, Astrid took a Herding Group 4! She followed it up with an Owner Handler Group 4 the next day. This girl is so fun to show!

March 2016 -

Astrid is a champion!!! She finished her AKC championship going Winners Bitch at the Evansville Kennel Club show in Louisville, Kentucky at 21 months and 1 day old! I am thrilled her breeder/co-owner Beth Tilson was there to share in the fun. Even better, this title gives Astrid's dad Beckham his Register of Merit and Astrid her BCCA Versatility Award!

February 2016 -

Astrid finished her Beginner Novice obedience title on the first day of the Rocky Mountain cluster shows and went WB/BOW/BOB on the last day!

January 2016 -

We had a huge weekend at the St. Charles Kennel Club shows!! Astrid took back-to-back majors (4 and 3 points) going WB and WB/BOW and picked up 2 Beginner Novice legs with a 3rd and 4th place from the B class!

Astrid started the year off right with a 2nd place and a $22.50 win in the Rancho Terra Norte News Years Day Jackpot Trial! We lost to our trainer Val Manning by only 20 seconds!

2015 News

November/December 2015 -

Merry Christmas from Orion!

We received word that Astrid qualified for (1) the AKC Owner Handler Series Finals in Orlando, Florida in December and (2) the AKC Rally National Championship in Tulsa, OK in March. What a thrill to qualify for two national championships in her very first year of showing and competition!

Stanley finished 1st place dog at 2 snowy/icy winter 5k races and ran his best 5k yet on his hilliest iciest course!

October 2015 -

Astrid finished her Rally Advanced title with a 1st place and a score of 97 at the Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club show. The next day, she had her first Rally Excellent Q with a 2nd place!

Astrid went BOB from the classes under judge Jimmy Moses at the Continental Divide Herding Association show! She went Best of Winners and Best Opposite under Steven Gladstone at the Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club show that same weekend.

September 2015 - NWBCCPS Regional Specialty and BCCA National Specialty!

The Orion-Cadence-Highlander-Spindrift beardies had a fabulous trip to the Pacific Northwest for the 2015 National Specialty!

  • Max
    • 3rd place team in the Agility Relay, Top Veteran Team!
  • Stanley
    • 2nd place team in the Agility Relay
    • Rally Advanced B and Excellent B qualifier for his first RAE leg!
    • 3rd place 7-10 Year Old Veteran Dogs Sweepstakes, BCCA National, Judge Cathy Perry
    • 2nd place 7-10 Yer Old Veteran Dogs, BCCA National, Judge Gail Miller Bisher
  • Astrid
    • 1st place 12-16 Month Old Bitches Sweepstakes, NWBCCPS Regional, Judge Ruth Colavecchio
    • 1st place Brace, BCCA National, Judge Gail Miller Bisher
    • Rally Advanced A qualifier and 2nd place!
    • 3rd place 12-16 Month Old Bitches Sweepstakes, BCCA National, Judge Cathy Perry
    • 4th place 15-18 Month Old Bitches, BCCA National, Judge Gail Miller Bisher

August 2015 -

Stanley and Astrid passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test!

July 2015 -

Stanley and Astrid successfully completed both legs at the CDHA ABHA trial to get their Junior Herding Dog titles.

June 2015 -

A whirlwind month of travel brought us home with a ton of ribbons and memories! Stanley finished his Rally Excellent (RE) title in Idaho and Astrid got a Rally Advanced leg. She also garnered some lovely placements in the Owner-Handled group ring in Montana and Oklahoma with a 2nd, 3rd (under breeder-judge Pat Hastings) and 4th!

Stanley got both legs for his PT and Astrid picked up a lovely Started leg at the NCBCF regional specialty herding trial in California.

May 2015 -

At the RMBCC-BCCA show in Longmont, Stanley was Best Opposite in Veteran Sweepstakes and Astrid won Best Puppy in Sweepstakes! Thanks to breeder-judge Jill Floberg.

Stanley picked up two Rally Excellent B legs (with a 3rd place and a 1st place) and Astrid 1 Advanced A leg (1st place!) in Casper, Wyoming on Memorial Day weekend. Astrid also got an Owner Handler group 4 on Friday, went Best of Breed over Stanley on Saturday for her first point and followed it with a Puppy Group 1!

Astrid went three for three at the Beehive Cluster in Utah with placements in the Novice B class all three days to finish her Rally Novice title!

April 2015 -

Astrid passed her two test legs with flying colors to pick up her PT herding title at the Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club trial!

March 2015 -

Astrid went Best of Breed both days shown at the Scottbluff Kennel Club show in Nebraska and picked up a Herding Puppy Group 3 and a Herding Owner Handled Group 4!

February 2015 -

Stanley finished his Beginner Novice title with three 3rd places in 3 days at the Rocky Mountain cluster in Denver!

Astrid went Reserve Winners Bitch two of the four days at the Rocky Mountain cluster and loved every bit of the shows!

Astrid got a Herding Puppy Group 1 at the Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club match!

January 2015 -

In her first real AKC show (Palm Springs Kennel Club), at 6 months old, Astrid went Reserve Winners Bitch to her litter sister Tinder - what fun for us!

Astrid also took a Herding Puppy Group 1 at the Terry-All Kennel Club match!

2014 News

November 2014 -

Astrid won Novice Puppy Best of Breed and Reserve Best Puppy in Show at the High Plains Kennel Club show.

October 2014 -

Astrid won Beginner Puppy Best of Breed and Herding Puppy Group 2 at the Colorado Divide Herding Association show. At the same show, Stanley went Best Veteran in Breed!

Astrid got her IABCA International Baby Championship in 1 weekend and a Herding Puppy Group 2!

May 2014 -

Stanley was Best Opposite Sex in Veteran Sweepstakes and Best Opposite Sex in Breed at the RMBCC supported entry for the Flatirons Kennel Club show.