Astrid x Nick January 2017 Litter: Rock Songs

Astrid and Nick, CH Nonesuch Rockstar, (pedigree and health testing information **PLUS NOW CEA CLEAR**) welcomed 6 lovely puppies on January 14th - 2 black girls, 2 brown girls and 2 black boys.  We are thrilled at how first-time mom Astrid has taken to caring for her puppies diligently and teaching them to be fun little dogs.


Nick - CH Nonesuch Rockstar

Mom and Babies
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 7

Puppies at 1 day old

Mal - black boy
Zoe - brown girl
Kaylee - brown girl
Wash - black boy
Inara - black girl
Jayne - black girl

Puppies at ~4 weeks old


Puppies at 5 weeks old


Puppies at 6 weeks old


Heading To New Homes!
Wash is now Rigg - Orion's Mr Blue Sky

Mal is now Rex - Orion's Iron Man

Inara is now Mabel May - Orion's Imagine

Zoe is now Maisie - Orion's Maggie May

Kaylee is now Orion's Piece of My Heart