Oriol Tejada

Welcome to my page. I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Chair of Macroeconomics: Innovation and Policy at ETH in Zürich (Switzerland). My main research interests are on Game Theory, Political Economy, and Public Economics.  These are some of my colleagues. 

If you want to see my complete CV click here, whereas click here if you want to visit my ETH website. You can contact me at tejada at mip.mtec.ethz.ch or toriol at ethz.ch.

Peer-Reviewed Publications (ordered by Acceptance Date)

2014 The Banzhaf Value in the Presence of Externalities  (with Mikel Álvarez-Mozos)

Social Choice and Welfare

2014 A Unifying Model for Matrix-Based Pairing Situations  (with Peter Borm and Edwin Lohmann)

Mathematical Social SciencesSee abstract

2013 Complements and Substitutes in Generalized Multisided Economies

Operations Research Letters  (find the extra material here)See abstract

2012 Share functions for cooperative games with levels structure of cooperation (with Mikel Álvarez-Mozos, René van den Brink and Gerard van der Laan)

European Journal of Operational Research, See abstract

Mathematical Methods of Operations ResearchSee abstract

2011 A differential redistributive analysis of bilinear tax reforms (with Samuel Calonge)

FinanzArchiv: Public Finance Analysis, See abstract


2011 Parallel characterizations of a generalized Shapley value and a generalized Banzhaf value for cooperative games with levels structure of cooperation  (with Mikel Álvarez-Mozos)

Decision Support Systems, See abstract


2011 Analysis of the core of multi-sided Böhm-Bawerk assignment markets

TOP, See abstract

2010 A note on competitive prices in multilateral assignment markets

Economics BulletinSee abstract

2010 Symmetrically multilateral-bargained allocations in multi-sided assignment markets  (with Carles Rafels)

International Journal of Game Theory, See abstract

Submitted Papers

2014 Channeling the Say in Political Decision Bodies  (with Hans Gersbach and Stefan Imhof)

State: Under Review, See abstract

2014 Coalition-Preclusion Contracts and Moderate Policies  (with Hans Gersbach and Maik Schneider)

State: Under Review, See abstract

2014 Vertical Syndication-Proof Competitive Prices in Multilateral markets (with Mikel Álvarez-Mozos)

State: R&RSee abstract

(Some) Current Work

Games with ordered players (with Mikel Álvarez-Mozos, René van den Brink, and Gerard van der Laan) 

Costs of Change, Political Polarization and Re-election Hurdles (with Hans Gersbach and Philippe Muller) 

The Reform Dilemma in Democracy (with Hans Gersbach) 

Coalition-Preclusion Contracts: Revisited (with Hans Gersbach and Maik Schneider)

Costs of Change in the Long-Run (with Hans Gersbach and Philippe Muller)

Referee Work

Economics Bulletin, Annals of Operations Research, International Game Theory Review, European Journal of Operations Research, Public Choice

My coauthors

Mikel Álvarez-Mozos (Universidad de Santiago)

René van den Brink (VU University Amsterdam)

Samuel Calonge (Universitat de Barcelona)

Hans Gersbach (ETH - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)
Stefan Imhof
Gerard van der Laan (VU University Amsterdam)

Marina Núñez (Universitat de Barcelona)

Carles Rafels (Universitat de Barcelona)

Maik Schneider (ETH - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)

Peter Borm (Tilburg University)

Edwin Lohmann

Philippe Muller (ETH - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)


2013 Strategic and Cooperative Thinking (Master Degree - ETH)

2012 Strategic and Cooperative Thinking (Master Degree - ETH)

2007-2010 Mathematics for Business (Undergraduate Course - UB)

Other interests

Member of GISME

Football, Tennis, Barça, Roger Federer

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