Team Members

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Team Members


          Katherine Tower,  New York, NY,  USA 
         Job: Chief Manager, astronemer                  
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         Email: Katherine at   


Oliver Mika, Tacoma ,Wa,USA
Job: Project Manager                                  
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Email:Oliver at
Giuliana Ponzani, Viterbo ITALY
Job: Public website, website-side server and back-end software

Email:Giuliana at



           Claudio Minelli, Roma ITALY 
           Job: Theory teacher,schools website

           Email: Claudio at 



           Steve George New York, NY,  USA 
           Job: Internet expert

           Email: Steve at

     Roshinka Mihalek, Roma ITALY 
     Job:  Editor in chief of  The Orioloromanobservatory              Journal
     Email:Roshinka at


      Orob Gordon,  virtual world                  facebook link
      Job:  Editor in chief of  The Orobservatory Children               Journal
      Email: Orob at
       or at
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