Equipment manifactures

Equipment  manifactures 
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Celestron International (
Several product lines of telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, microscopes and eyepieces, plus a large variety of accessories.
Meade Instruments Corporation (
Several product lines of telescopes and accessories, eyepieces, CCD imaging equipment, astronomical software, spotting scopes, binoculars, and microscopes.
Company Seven Astro-Optics Division (
Offers custom design and fabrication of astronomical telescopes. Manufactures automated mounts/tracking platforms. Provides in-house optical design and fabrication services, repair services. Dealer for a variety of product lines related to astronomy and other industries
DGM Optics (
Produces a unique unobstructed Newtonian reflector which features improved contrast and resolution compared to conventional Newtonians
Jim's Mobile, Inc. (
NGT line of portable, equatorially mounted astronomical telescopes. Also makes various accessories including Motofocus focus motors, Motodec declination motors, R.A. drive motors, computer control systems and NGF focusers.

Mag 1 Instruments (
These instruments feature a unique spherical housing around the primary mirror location which makes pointing the instruments very intuitive (PortaBall).
University Optics (
Eyepieces, ATM supplies, finder scopes and other accessories.
AstroSystems (
TeleKit Dobsonian telescope kits, equatorial platforms and altitude bearings for Dobsonians, focusers, collimating tools, telescope covers and other accessories.
Brass Telescopes by The Glass Eye (
Beautiful heirloom quality terrestrial and nautical brass telescopes, hand held travel telescopes and all weather telescopes.
Starsplitter Telescopes (
aperture Dobsonian telescopes, available with a choice of optics produced by several well known opticians and optical companies.
Parallax Instruments (
Newtonian and classical Cassegrain astronomical telescopes, German equatorial mountings, tripods and custom portable or permanent observatory welded steel piers.
D and G Optical (
Offers optical supplies and equipment for astronomy-related sciences and persons interested in the astronomy field.
Stargazer Steve Telescopes (
reflector on an altazimuth mount. Offers reflector telescope kits and accessories.
TeleVue Optics (
Premium refractor telescopes, eyepieces, and accessories. Products include Nagler eyepieces, Panoptic eyepieces, Radian eyepieces, Plossl eyepieces, Barlows, Powermate, Ranger, 101, fluorite and apochromatic refractors.
Discovery Telescopes, Inc. (
in aperture, plus optical primaries and elliptical flats.
Telescope Engineering Company (
Apochromatic refractor and Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes plus precision optics including including optical flats, Cassegrain, Catadioptric, Newtonian, Ritchey-Chretein, Mersen and other optical designs.
Stellarvue (
Specializes in hand crafted refractors and apochromatic refractors. Offers telescope mount and tripods, spotting scopes plus a variety of accessories.

Starmaster Portable Telescopes (
ELGT telescope which includes the SkyTracker, providing goto and track capability.
Oberwerk Corporation (
Produces a variety of binocular designs for both terrestrial and astronomical applications.
Pacific Telescope Corp. (
Home of the Sky-Watcher brand of astronomical refractors and reflectors, catadioptric Newtonians, Maksutov-Cassegrains, plus spotting scopes, mounts, eyepieces and accessories.
DFM Engineering, Inc. (
Advanced amateur and professional astronomical telescopes, telescope control systems and mounts, electro-optical telescopes, LIDAR systems, heliostats, siderostats/coeleostats, telescope optics and beam directors
Optical Guidance Systems (
Research-grade, observatory class telescope systems for professional and discriminating amateur astronomers, plus custom designed instrumentation for specific needs.
Coronado Technology Group (
H-Alpha and white light solar filters and accessories for telescopes, plus the Maxscope line of dedicated solar instruments.
NOVA Optical Systems (
Optical company which manufactures telescope optics in a wide range of apertures for amateur and professional class telescopes. Site features the free Ultra-Trace telescope design program.
Thousand Oaks Optical (
Solar filters, solar eclipse viewers, H-Alpha filters and nebular filters.

Teleport Telescopes (
Offers portable Dobsonian telescopes which are designed to collapse down into an extremely compact cubes for transportation
Kenyon Laboratories LLC (
Binocular, medium format camera and cinema camera stabilizers, plus gimbals, gimbal mounts, and inverters.
Alpen Outdoor Corporation (
Offers a variety of sports optics for the outdoor enthusiast. Products include binoculars and spotting scopes, including waterproof models
Draco Productions (
Economically priced beginner telescope kits which are suitable for children six years and older or as a family project. Accessories, eyepieces, Baader Solar Filter material and completed telescopes are also available.
Questar Corporation (
High quality Maksutov Catadioptric telescopes for astronomy, nature, science and surveillance applications. Entire product line features superior optical performance, machining and finish. Established in 1950.
Astrometric Instruments (
Provider of custom telescope control systems, including the SkyWalker servo telescope control system and SkyRad accessory controller.
Optical Mechanics, Inc. (
Fabricates research-quality Newtonian, Cassegrain, Ritchey-Chretein and custom optics, opto-mechanical instruments including LIDAR systems and collimators. Manufactures the Nighthawk line of advanced robotic telescopes plus custom telescopes. Offers optical design and mirror testing services.
Blue Ridge Telescopes (
Quality hand crafted amateur Dobsonian telescopes and parts.
Stellar Technologies International (
Stiletto brand knife-edge focusers, wide-field adapters, plus accessories for 35mm, CCD, and medium format cameras.
Kendrick Astro Instruments (
Products include the Dew Remover System, portable power packs, Kwik Focus masks, observer tents, shelter domes and observing chairs.
Infinity Scopes, LLC (
Produces the Uti product line of extremely lightweight and portable Newtonian telescopes, computerized telescopes and digital setting circles.
Edmund Scientific (
Produces the well known Astroscan telescope, plus telescope kits, Barlows, eyepieces, telescope accessories and a variety of science education kits.
Litebox Telescopes (
Designs and manufactures portable Dobsonian telescope frames in the 12.5 to 18 inch aperture range.
AB Engineering, Inc. (
Computer controlled telescopes, equatorial mounts with optional computer control, custom worm drive systems and custom accessories. Custom telescope retrofit and repair services
Astro Works Corporation (
Manufactures the Centurion 18 telescope system which features a focal ratio of f/2.8. These instruments are designed for moderately wide field CCD imaging applications and asteroid patrols
EOS Technologies, Inc. (
Offers turn-key observatory systems for astronomy and satellite laser ranging. Systems include telescopes and instruments, enclosures, integrated control systems and software for remote and autonomous operation
Van Slyke Engineering (
Versa-Port Sliders, Monster focusers, bifilar micrometers and turret eyepiece holders
Optec, Inc. (
Photometers, telecompressors, electric Crayford style focusers, filter wheels and filters, and optical couplers for video microscopy
Parks Optical (
Newtonian and Newtonian-Cassegrain reflecting telescopes, optical tube assemblies, telescope making components, binoculars, spotting scopes and microscopes, plus eyepieces and accessories
RC Optical Systems (
Specializes in design and manufacture of Ritchey-Chretien telescopes for professional and amateur astronomers. Designs feature composite construction for thermal stability and reduced weight
ScopeCraft, Inc. (
SC-2048 turnkey scientific telescope system and the DriveScope stepper motor control system. Company also custom designs and manufactures complete telescopes, telescope mounts and optical tube assemblies
Swift Instruments, Inc. (
Refractor, reflector and Dobsonian telescopes; binoculars for birding, hunting, marine and long range applications; plus spotting scopes, microscopes, theater glasses and weather instruments
True Technology Limited (
English manufacturer of filter wheels, flip mirrors, filter units and dichroic filters
ObservatoryScope Robotic Telescopes (
Observatory class Folded Newtonian and Ritchey-Chretien telescope systems which use hybrid band-worm drives. Also manufactures LIDAR systems, tracking platforms and custom designed drive retrofits for existing telescopes
Equipment, Inc. (
Designs and manufactures research grade telescopes, finder-guiders, filter boxes and spectrographs, and products for observatory domes. Services include consulting, instrument relocation and retrofits
Beta Electronics, Inc. (
Useful laser pointers with remote on-off switches, suitable for use as a star finder on a telescope
Clear Skys, Inc. (
Produces rotating observatory dome systems constructed of fiberglass, telescope piers, helical fine focus adapters, and various other products for amateurs
Collins Electro Optics, LLC (
Manufactures the I 3 eyepiece visual image intensifier system which features TeleVue optics, and an optional CCD video adapter for real time display
Denkmeier Optical, Inc. (
Stereoscopic Binoviewers and Binoviewer accessories for low power, binocular viewing through telescopes
E2 Telescope Design (
Produces complete line of Dobsonian reflector telescope kits and accessories
Equinox Interscience, Inc. (
Manufactures complete telescopes, optical tube assemblies and telescope mounts. Company also offers a variety of design services and produces Deep Sky Black, a low reflectivity surface treatment suitable for aerospace applications
Hutech Corporation (
Manufactures the BORG line of telescopes, binocular scopes, spotting scopes and optical tube assemblies. Additional products include motorized altazimuth mounts and a variety of accessories
Johnsonian Designs (
pop-up carbon fiber travel telescope with full goto capabilities
Le Sueur Manufacturing Company (
Produces the Astro Pier product line of telescope piers for fork mounted and German equatorial telescopes
Learning Technologies, Inc. (
Numerous science and education products including, but not limited to, the STARLAB Portable Planetarium, Project STAR hands-on science materials, the Sunspotter solar telescope plus a variety of learning curriculums
Lumicon International (
Products include Easy Guiders, hypered film and hyper kits, diagonals, the Sky Vector NGC, richfield viewers and many other accessories for amateur astronomers
Moonlite Telescope Accessories (
Extremely robust Crayford style focusers, focuser accessories, truss tubes and truss tube connector systems, plus telescope accent kits to personalize your telescope
Clement Focuser (
Uniquely designed, patented focuser for use on a variety of telescopes. Offers optional electric focus mechanisms for their focusers
Compact Precision Telescopes (
Uniquely designed, collapsible open frame telescopes and primary mirror cells which are CNC machined from aluminum
R.F. Royce - Precision Optical Components (
Compound reflective optical systems including Cassegrain, Ritchey-Chretien, Dall-Kirkham and various modifications. Refractive systems including achromatic and apochromatic objectives and full aperture corrector catadioptric systems including Schmidt, Maksutov and Houghton types along with near focal corrector systems. Also produces off-axis mirrors
Equatorial Platforms (
aperture are also available
Peterson Engineering Corp. (
Buck's precision gears for LX-200s, EZ Balance counterweights, EZ Clutch and EZ Focus kits, Eye Opener visual backs, and Mounting Assistant plates for attaching telescopes to tripods
PreciseParts (
Custom telescope parts and one-of-a-kind components, designed and machined in aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze, titanium, Teflon. Re-manufactures hard to find replacement parts for vintage telescopes. Can design new parts per customer specifications
ProtoStar (
Professional-grade diagonal mounts and secondary mirrors, with unique features, for use in small to large telescopes
SkyGear Telescopes (
Travel Scope brand of medium sized Dobsonian telescopes with components CNC machined from Baltic birch cabinetry
Universal Astronomics (
Optical instrument mounts including the T-Mount, UniMount and UniStar for binoculars and telescopes. Retailer for a variety of other product lines
Vixen North America (
Telescopes and telescope mounts, binoculars, Lanthanum eyepieces and other accessories
ATOZastro Forum (
Alignment accessories and flexible dew shields for Meade ETX series telescopes and the Meade 497 Autostar
RXDesign (
ServoCAT telescope control systems and Argo Navis digital setting circles for Dobsonians and equatorially mounted telescopes
Tau Ceti Company (
Accessories for astrophotography including the Universal Camera Mounting Adapter for attaching cameras/telephoto lenses to telescopes, the XY Finder for guide scopes and CCD guide cameras, plus the Flip-Mirror Focuser for CCD cameras located at the telescope's prime focus
Astrozap Dew Shields (
Aluminum and flexible dew shields, caps and telescope covers for amateur telescopes. Many products are available in a variety of colors to match your telescope
Custom Telescopes by Plettstone (
Manufacturers of light weight large aperture Newtonian reflector telescopes. Designs feature substantial improvements over standard truss tube Newtonians
Dewzee Astronomy Products (
Produces the Dew Zee line of dew control and light baffling shields for a wide variety of telescopes
Hardin Optical (
Astronomical telescope optics, oculars and accessories sold under the Astrola name. Company is owned by Larry Hardin, a former employee of Cave Optical
Sky Time Inc. (
Offers the unique Solunar Watch with numerous features for astronomers
Meridian Telescopes (
A variety of products, components and accessories for the amateur telescope builder. Also offers plans for building a telescope
SkyPointer (
Green laser pointers for aiming a telescope, plus a variety of pointer brackets and accessories
HoTech Corporation (
Products include the Astro Aimer, which features a green laser pointer for pointing telescopes, and a variety of red and white LEDs for map reading and general illumination at night
Pegasus Optics (
Rigel Systems (
LED flashlights for astronomy and aviation, astrophotography accessories, collimation tools, finders, motorized focusers and controllers, plus other accessories
Electronic Co., Ltd. (
Manufacturer and exporter of spotting scopes, binoculars, optical lenses and elements, plastic lenses, enlarging and CCD lenses, optical mounts. Offers optical design services
Astro Optics Pvt. Ltd. (
Produces precision optical components, assemblies and small telescopes. Located in India
Astronomy Optics (
Offers a variety of binoculars and binocular stands. Features product lines for astronomy and birdwatching. Located in the U.K
Astroparts (
Camera adapters, web cam adapters, superwedge for Meade LX-200 classic series, mirror lock screws, focus bearing kits plus a variety of other accessories
AstroTechniek (
Designs and manufactures large telescopes and mounts, including the CP-165 telescope mount. Offers stepper motor control systems and small telescopes. Located in the Netherlands
F Astro Engineering (
LX-200 scopes
Bray Imaging Technologies, Ltd. (
Manufactures the Teleport brand of Dobsonian telescope products for all markets outside North America. Offices located in the U.K
Trade Co., Ltd. (
Chinese manufacturer of telescopes, binoculars, monoculars, rifle scopes, night vision equipment and disposable cameras
Custom Telescopes UK (
British company that manufactures telescopes, Newtonian mirror sets, eyepieces, and other accessories
Eastcolight Limited (
Hong Kong based educational manufacturer and exporter of small telescopes and microscopes
GAMBATO Costruzioni per Astronomia (
Italian manufacturer of observatories, planetariums and geodes. Offers observatory structure maintenance services
Goto Optical Mfg. Co. (
Japanese manufacturer of planetariums and telescopes
Guan Sheng Optical Co., Ltd. (
Taiwanese manufacturer of reflectors, refractors, Dobsonians, eyepieces, equatorial mounts and accessories
Hioptic Military and Professional Outdoor Optics Company (
professional compasses, night vision equipment plus other accessories
Konus Italia Group (
Italian manufacturer of telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, microscopes, compasses and magnifying glasses
Kunming Yuanda Enterprises Group (
Chinese manufacturer and exporter of binoculars, spotting scopes, and opera glasses and hand-held monoculars
Lin Optics Co., Ltd. (
Taiwanese manufacturer of small refractor and reflector telescopes, microscopes
Long Perng (
Taiwanese manufacturer of spotting scopes, field scopes, telescopes, and binoculars

Mingca (
Chinese manufacturer and exporter of telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, monoculars, microscopes and tripods
North United Co., Ltd. (
Chinese manufacturer of binoculars, telescopes, riflescopes, spotting scopes, night vision scopes, golf scopes
Telescopes for Amateur Astronomers (
Russian manufacturer of TAL brand telescopes including refractors, Newtonians, and Klevtsov modified Maksutov-Cassegrains; and additional products including binoculars, night vision equipment, riflescopes and many accessories
Oldham Optical U.K. (
Offers telescope accessories including mirrors, lenses prisms, and calibration equipment to the professional and amateur market. Site features excellent treatises on optical testing and terms used by opticians to describe optical quality
Optical Development Workshop of Academy of Sciences (
Czech Republic developer and manufacturer of optics elements and systems
Starchair Engineering Pty. Ltd. (
Australian manufacturer of motorized observing chairs which accommodate both the observer plus either binoculars or small telescopes
Swarovski Optik (
Austrian manufacturer of binoculars, telescopes, rifle scopes, night vision instruments, and tripods
Task-Optic Binoculars (
Wholesale manufacturer of binoculars, monoculars, goggles, sights, spotting scopes, photocameras, lenses, telescopes, microscopes
Telescope Technologies Ltd. (
British manufacturer of large turn-key robotic telescope systems. Additional products and services include engineering research and development, project engineering management, instrumentation, complete electro-optical systems, plus a number of engineering related services
Wildcard Innovations Pty. Ltd. (
Australian manufacturer of Argo Navis Digital Telescope Computer systems for alt-azimuth, fork and German equatorial telescope mounts
Wins Binoculars and Telescopes (
Chinese manufacturer and distributor of telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scopes and other optical instruments
Advanced Optics Limited (
Ritchey-Chretien Telescope system
DAR Astro Machining (
Products include mirror cells, helical and double helical focusers, eyepiece adapters, video camera adapters and eyepiece parfocal rings. Company is located in Canada
Omega Optical, Inc. (
Designs and manufactures custom astronomy filters and prescription sets, for a wide variety of university programs, observatories, government agencies, and international consortia. Develops solutions for the spectral, optical, and environmental demands of each filter application
Ceravolo Optical Systems (
Offers custom optics fabrication, design consulting and optical testing services for the scientific, industrial and astronomical communities
Black Knight Telescopes (
Produces lightweight, medium-aperture, Dobsonian telescopes
Astro Optik (
Large telescope systems including Hypergraphs, Deltagraphs, Cassegrains and Ritchey-Chretiens, Newtonians, Dobsonians and Schmidt cameras
Precision Optics (
Offers repair, cleaning and collimation services for binoculars, telescopes, rifle and spotting scopes. Specializes in repair of antique and military instruments
Opticast, Inc. (
Produces, using a patented casting technique, low cost diffraction limited replica optical mirrors for astronomical and other applications
Astrolite-LED (
Offers red LED flashlights for the discriminating astronomer
Ufind Optics Company, Ltd. (
Chinese manufacturer and exporter of binoculars, telescopes, monoculars, golfscopes and spotting scopes
43 Degrees South Astro (
Produces solar filters and binocular mounts for amateur astronomers. Located in New Zealand
Al's Custom Telescope Accessories (
Produces oak tripods and accessories for Celestron's CG-5 telescope and CI-700 tripod, and for Meade's LXD55 telescope
Nite I's (
Visual astronomy accessories including adapters, eyepieces, extensions, eyepiece parfocalizers, plus telescopes, hardware, and software
Accu View Optics (
Chinese manufacturer and exporter of binoculars, monoculars and spotting scopes
Keulco (
Canadian manufacturer of collapsible binocular mounts which include the tripod
Tectron Telescopes (
Offers collimation tools including basic sight tubes, Chesire eyepieces and autocollimators
Outman Outdoors USA (
Produces a large product line of binoculars for nature study, boating, hunting, astronomy, surveillance and other applications. Site also features on-line factory direct sales
Bellstar Telescopes (
A Canadian owned and operated company that custom manufactures hand crafted Dobsonian telescopes. Also provides repair services for telescopes, binoculars and microscopes
Phenix Optics - Jiangxi Optical Instrument (
Hong Kong manufacturer of cameras, telescopes, binoculars, optical glass lenses, and other optical science equipment
Eastern Shore Company (
Concessionaire of coin-operated viewing machines, since 1973. Products include American-made coin-operated binoculars and telescopes
ICAS Enterprises (
Japanese manufacturer and exporter of optical filters for telescope and industrial use
Nelson Devices (
Produces Quick-Connectors to connect accessories to a variety of commercial telescopes. Site includes compatibility charts, example applications, and FAQ
L Optical Services (
Provides a wide range of thin film coatings, specializing in metallic and anti-reflection coatings. Experienced in cleaning and coating glass and metallic substates
TECH2000 (
Produces the Giro altazimuth tripod mounts, Dobsonian and equatorial drive systems, laser collimators, equipment beacons for use at star parties, plus additional products. Exclusive USA distributor of ASM telescopes which feature lightweight ceramic mirrors
Trico Machine Products (
Makes the Sky Window binocular viewing system, and is a full machine shop specializing in design, prototype and production of quality machined parts
1stBase (
Produces collapsible Dobsonian mounts which fold up for storage and transportation. Mounts are available separately or sold with Compact Precision Telescopes tube assemblies
Aeroquest Machining (
Worm gear drives for the accurate tracking of deep space and planetary objects for viewing and imaging. Stepper and synchronous motor power systems are available
Shanghai Olive Industries Co., Ltd. (
Manufactures optical instruments including biological microscopes, stereo microscopes, telescopes and binoculars. Also produces electronic equipment and garden tools
Chengdu SWOC Industries Co., Ltd. (
Manufactures telescopes and binoculars, optical components including singlet, doublet, cylindrical and aspherical lenses, prisms and corner cubes, beamsplitters and waveplates, polarizers and coatings
Starbuckets Telescopes (
Builds premium truss-tube Dobsonian reflectors in small to medium apertures. These apertures fill the void in commercially available, small to mid-sized truss-tube Dobsonians
De-Zhong Optics. (
Professional Chinese optical products manufacturer and exporter, specializing in traditional binoculars, compact binoculars, zoom binoculars, waterproof binoculars, telescopes and microscopes
Lightholder Optics (
Newtonian mirrors made and certified in writing to the most exacting, demanding Millies LaCroix tolerance (1/8 wave at the wavefront), twice as precise as the industry 1/4 wave standard
NPZ Optics State Corp. (
Novosibirsk Instrument-making Plant is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of high-quality optical devices for law enforcement and civilian use, such as day/night vision sights, powerful binoculars, astronomical telescopes
Agena AstroProducts (
Affordable, quality telescope accessories and books for amateur astronomers
Sharp Vision Scientific Company (
Manufacturer of telescopes including refractors, catadioptrics and Newtonians. These instruments are suited for visual and educational applications. This company offers instruments in a variety of sizes and price ranges with product lines reminiscent of several U.S. and other companies during the 1960s and 1970s. Located in India
Jinoscope (
Dark Sky Laboratory produces telescopes which are individually manufactured to fit each customer's specific needs. Many parts of each customer's telescope are manufactured in house to assure quality control, and numerous options and customizations are available
Rainbow Optics (
radiation sources such as stars
Armsun Canada (
A Canadian sourcing, distribution and manufacturing of photographic, video and digital accessory products (OEM). Sales and reference site for Optisan binoculars
Accessories (
Offers advanced composite telescopes which utilize carbon fiber, Kevlar and honeycomb materials. Other products include Ritchey-Chretien telescopes, mirror cells, mounting plates and rings, and parts and accessories
London Opera Glass Company (
Manufactures, installs and services opera glasses within theatres. The service is free to theatres, and allows patrons to rent opera glasses during a performance
Woden Optics (
Manufactures Newtonian optical systems, all types of Cassegrain optical systems including an enhanced Ritchey Chretien optical system with integral field corrector, modified Wynn field correctors, plus optical tube assemblies and complete telescopes made from composite materials. Optical testing services are also available
Ken's Rings (
Manufactures tube rings, counterweights, mount saddle plates, guide scope adapter plates and dovetail plates. Also offers custom modified commercial telescopes
Kokusai Kohki (
Equatorial Mount with go-to capability
Taychert Telescopes (
Dobsonian telescope available from any manufacturer. This company also offers telescopes which are custom built per customer specifications
Tracking Systems (
Custom made GoTo mounts which are designed to the customer's specifications, plus GoTo conversions of existing telescope mountings. Complete machining and fabrication services are also available
Galaxy Optics (
Newtonian optics for amateurs and scientists. Also makes diagonals and offers mirror testing, refiguring and coating services
David Chandler Company (
Quality software and publications for astronomy and astronomy education. Manufactures the Deep Space Navigator telescope to computer interface, motor drives for Dobsonian mounted telescopes, high resolution optical encoders, plus custom encoder mounting hardware


CCD Cameras

Apogee Instruments Inc - Apogee CCD Cameras
Apogee - Ascent CCD Cameras  •  Apogee Alta - Camera Accessories  •  Apogee Ascent - Camera Accessories  •  Apogee CCD - Alta CCD Cameras

Astrovid CCD Video - Astrovid Video Cameras  Adirondack Astronomy - Adirondack Astronomy CCD Flat Fielding Panel
Flat Fielder - 13"  •  Flat Fielder - 8"  •  Flat Fielder - Mounting Options

Atik Instruments CCD - ATIK CCD Cameras
ATIK Generation3 Monochrome USB 2.0 Cameras  •  Atik - (Color) CCD Cameras  •  Atik - (Monochrome) CCD Cameras  •  ATIK Camera Accessories  •  Atik Large Format CCD Cameras

Finger Lakes Instrumentation FLI - Finger Lakes Instrumentation FLI CCD Cameras
Finger Lakes Digital Focuser  •  Finger Lakes IMG Cameras  •  Finger Lakes Instrumentaion Filter Wheels

Imaging Source DMK DBK CCD Cameras - DMK, DBK, Astronomy Cameras
DBK - Color Firewire Cameras  •  DBK - Color USB Cameras  •  DMK - Monochrome Firewire Cameras  •  DMK - Monochrome USB Cameras  •  Firewire - Accessories

Lumenera CCD SkyNyx Cameras - SKYnyx Fast Frame Rate USB2 Cameras
Lumenera SKYnyx Series Cameras

Marks Products Video Finders - Findervision Marks Products - Crosshair Generator

Orion Telescopes & Binoculars - Orion CCD Cameras
ORION - Auto-Guider  •  ORION - CCD Cameras  •  ORION - Filter Wheel & Filters

QSI CCD Cameras - QSI CCD Cameras Full Size Body - Mechanical Shutter & Built-In Filter Wheels  •  Medium Size Body - Mechanical Shutter, No Filter Wheel  •  QSI 583 Cameras  •  Slim Body Cameras - No Mechanical Shutter, No Filter Wheel

Starlight Xpress CCD - Starlight Xpress CCD Cameras
Starlight Xpress - (Monochrome) CCD Cameras  •  Starlight Xpress - (One-Shot Color) CCD Cameras  •  Starlight Xpress - Accessories

SBIG CCD - SBIG CCD Cameras SBIG - Dual Sensor ST-7/8/9/10/2000 Camera Series  •  SBIG - Filter Wheels  •  SBIG - Seeing Monitor  •  SBIG - Single Sensor ST-402ME/1603ME/3200ME Camera Series  •  SBIG - Single Sensor ST-7/8/9/10/2000 "I" Camera Series  •  SBIG - STL Camera Series  •  SBIG MeteorCam

 Vixen Optecs - Vixen AGA-1 Auto-Guider Vixen Auto-Guider


Mounts / Piers / Wedges

Mountain Instruments (
Telescopes and German equatorial mounts featuring DC servo motors and the Losmandy Gemini System with computer control using partial LX-200 emulation.
Astro-Physics Inc. (
Telescopes, mounts and accessories for observers and astrophotographers.
Hollywood General Machining, Inc. (
Produces the Losmandy product line of precision equatorial mounts, dovetail systems, the Gemini goto control system and a variety of telescope accessories (
Manufactures and sells equitorial wedges and supplies for pier mounted Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes.
Mathis Instruments (
aperture and feature tapered conic sections for increased rigidity
T Binocular Mounts (
Offers a full line of mounts and crutch tripods for comfortable, steady binocular viewing.
Advanced Telescope Systems (
Portable and permanent telescope piers in custom sizes and heights. Custom manufactures accessories for special customer needs.
Dantronix Research and Technology, LLC (
Makes Opticlean polymer for cleaning mirrors, lenses and corrector plates, and produces Laser Gold and Laser Rhodium mirrors for IR and scientific applications.

Sky Engineering (
Designs and manufactures the Sky Commander product line of digital setting circles.
TAURUS Technologies (
Offers the TAURUS Tracker III combination flip mirror and off-axis guider for both film and CCD astrophotography, plus a sealed, self-hypering HyperCamera with direct-view focusing using any eyepiece.
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