Why start from scratch with your own survey design if you can remix from what has been done before?  Are there questions you would really like to ask or be asked? Suggest them! Before collecting more data on OER activity lets look at what is open and out there.
ORIOLE (Open Resources: Inflluence on Learners and Educators) is a project seeking to collect and share information about how open resources (e.g. OER) are used in learning and teaching. Research with an 'into practice' focus.

In 2011 the project ran a survey within the UK which attracted 192 responses. The survey was extensive and complex and drew on UK surveys that had previously looked at resource reuse (e.g.
Rights and Rewards Project survey and the CD-LOR personal repositories management strategies survey) as influences, Although these were not surveys specifically about open resources and did not share open data they offered a base to build from and to which open resources could be compared.

In 2012 
Chris Pegler working with Gema Santos of the University of Catalonia  would like to improve the original survey and look at experiences beyond the UK. They intend to integrate questions from other surveys where possible to broaden the scope for comparison and the usefulness of data. Data will be shared openly.
Remixing open survey data and open survey design
Open Ed 2012 has offered the prospect of remixing OERs through its Remixathon strand. The ORIOLE survey design and data, along with other surveys which may have relevant design or open data, offer the potential for anyone involved in OER/open practice/open access to remix to suggest better survey design or new connections or applications/interpretations of the data.
Both survey and the open data are copied on the OpenEd 2012 conference datastick. As this remix is open to anyone who cares to engage (or you may have mislaid the datastick) the files are also linked or attached below).

Let's remix not only OER but also research instruments and data about OER.

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