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  • Our Gang, also known as The Little Rascals or Hal Roach's Rascals, was a series of American comedy short films about a group of poor neighborhood children and the adventures they had together.
  • Oriental Heroes is a popular Hong Kong-based manhua created by Wong Yuk-long, a writer/artist responsible for also creating a number of other popular manhua titles. It was created in 1970, and it continues to be published today.
  • The Little Rascals was a 1982-1984 Saturday morning cartoon series produced jointly by Hanna-Barbera Productions and King World, and broadcast on ABC.
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original little rascals cast original little rascals cast - The Little
The Little Rascals Collection
The Little Rascals Collection
DVD #1 On DVD #1 of the Little Rascals Collection is 1923's Dogs of War, in which the Little Rascals meet the one and only Harold Lloyd after a vegetable-throwing war between rival kid gangs leads the rascals to a nearby movie studio. Not only do the Rascals tear up the studios but that loveable gang tears up the laughs.
From the same year comes another silent-era Our Gang comedy- Derby Day, in which the Little Rascals, after watching a real horse race, decide to try it for themselves and stage their own race using tricycles and neighborhood pets.
DVD #2 When Our Gang is forced to put on a play at the local school in Stage Fright, mishaps and shenanigans arise when the rascals destroy not only their lines but the stage. From fireworks tied to a cow's tail to feuding lead actors, Stage Fright is one of the funniest Our Gang short films to date.
In 1924, the Little Rascals starred in The Sundown Limited. This little gem was one of Our Gang's more elaborate films, in which Mickey and Joe, after causing all sorts of mischief on a real train, build their own railroad, the way only Our Gang can.
In The Pirates, Our Gang attempts to set sail on the high seas in a pirate ship built from spare parts. But when the ship sinks on its maiden voyage, the gang accidentally find themselves on a real boat headed for a run-in with a Navy battleship in this comedic gem from 1923.
DVD #3 This disc holds some of the funniest Little Rascal shorts ever made. In Mary Queen of Tots, another from the silent-era Our Gang shorts, little, rich girl Mary loses her $4 to the evil governess, and it's up to the gang to help her get it back.
In The Fourth Alarm, the kids from Our Gang save the day by putting out a small kitchen fire, but when they decide to start their own Fire Department the pressure turns out to be more than they can handle when a four-alarm fire threatens the town.
And from 1930 is School's Out. When Ms. Crabtree's brother comes into town, little Jackie Cooper and the gang, thinking he's come to ask their favorite teacher to get married, try to get rid of him at all costs, in what turns out to be a hilarious turn of events.
DVD #4 When the gang decides to become Bear Shooters, they pack their bags and go camping in the one spot that they shouldn't have. But it's not a bear that causes the problems but criminals, when the Little Rascals stumble across their hideout in this comedy gem from 1930.
The gang is putting on a show with Alfalfa billed as "King of the Crooners." But Alfalfa abandons the stage, saying his crooning days are over, and that opera is his true calling. But after taking a nap and dreaming of a successful future in popular music, he changes his mind and joins the rest of the gang for the closing number in Our Gang Follies of 1938.
In Waldo's Last Stand, the gang decides to help Waldo when his lemonade stand gets into financial trouble. The Little Rascal's approach is to put on a show and sell the lemonade to its customers, but when their only patron is Froggy, who is not only broke but not thirsty, the gang has to come up with idea after idea to make some money.
DVD #5 On DVD #5, see the Little Rascals as you've never seen them before- as adults! Twenty-five years after they tore up the silver screen, Our Gang returns to the small screen for a reunion on the 1950's television program 'You Asked For It.' They're all grown up and they're all here: Farina, Little Johnny, Jackie Condon, Fatty, and the rest of the Our Gang players in the Our Gang Reunion.
Kid Stuff: Inside Hollywood's Child Stars is an affectionate and revealing look at some of the greatest child stars of the large and small screen. We'll hear about some of the dizzying highs and tragic lows of being a kid in Hollywood from former child stars such as Ron Howard ("The Andy Griffith Show"), Roddy McDowall ("How Green Was My Valley"), Margaret O'Brien ("Meet Me In St. Louis"), Tommy "Butch" Bond ("Our Gang"), and Johnny Whitaker ("Family Affair").

Children, with their fusion of innocence and mischief, can be natural comedians, and The Little Rascals plunders youthful exuberance for all it's worth. This series of short films (a.k.a. Our Gang) is most famous for a handful of glorious imps: Spanky, the scheming ringleader; Alfalfa, the softhearted second-in-command; and Buckwheat, with his skeptical sideways looks and big smiles. But over the years there were dozens of Rascals, and The Little Rascals: The Complete Collection features just about all of them, spanning 80 talkie shorts (with three silent shorts included in the extra features). Historians and nostalgists speak fondly about how natural the kids were, but that's nonsense--the kids that stand out are the ones who act like little adults, such as when Jackie and Chubby compete for their pretty schoolteacher's affections, or when Spanky and Alfalfa conduct the He-Man Woman Haters Club like middle-aged Shriners, or when the kids all put on a show (the Our Gang Follies in 1936 and 1938 are pretty impressive theatrical spectacles). The earlier years were rougher in structure and more improvisational, but as the series went along it became more scripted and shaped. Contemporary audiences are likely to prefer these later productions.
The Little Rascals can also righteously claim to be a racial groundbreaker, with its depiction of African-American and white kids playing together, with black kids--particularly Matthew "Stymie" Beard--frequently taking the lead in the shenanigans. Nonetheless, viewers should be prepared for stereotypes, all common to the era and without any real malice, but hardly pleasant. This painful element gets addressed in several of the bonus features; in one of four interviews with surviving Rascals, Dickie Moore reflects acutely on the racism of the time and tells some powerful anecdotes. All of these interviews are fascinating and among the best reasons for any fan of The Little Rascals to own this set--though this incredible abundance of Little Rascals material seems pretty must-have for anyone with fond memories of watching these kids, either on TV or the big screen. --Bret Fetzer

Little Rascals Buttons
Little Rascals Buttons
Little Rascals Buttons, licensed collectibles. at Portable Graffiti
Little Rascals Book Image
Little Rascals Book Image
Image from thrifted Little Rascals book.
original little rascals cast
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