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"Botanists from all over the world have discovered a new bulb: Maca. Today, being active and vital in professional as well as in private life are the two most important requirements for those who want to be successful. However, very often everyday life with its countless stress situations takes away power and energy. Fatigue, lack of interest and initiative are the consequences. For such cases, the Maca root from the Andes offers a trustworthy aid. It is rich in protein, contains iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium, almost all essential vitamins and minerals, and provides a reliable increase of vitality, endurance and power...
In addition, Maca may become an ideal companion in connection with different therapies. There is no doubt: Maca from the Andes is one of the most interesting discoveries in the field of natural medicine. Maca gives us once more the chance to develop a harmonious feeling for our body, that has been so often neglected. With Maca we can learn again to take responsibility for our own well-being. We can consciously prevent diseases and keep ourselves healthy…" 
( Ulrike Klimpel-Schoeffler, Maca, geheimnisvolle Energie aus Peru. Plankstadt, 2000).


Maca is both, food and a curative plant growing exclusively in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes at an altitude of more than 3500 meters above sea level. The Maca plant belongs to the family of Brassicacees, its botanical name is "Lepidium meyenii". The most important and precious part of the Maca plant is the tuber that grows in the ground. Among the Incas, the native population of the Andes, Maca was known for its energetic properties. According to the legends of the warlike Incas, before going to battle, they consumed Maca as a source of additional energy. For the Incas Maca provided vitality, energy, health and strength that lead to high performances. Historical records say that many people here enjoy a long life and extraordinary physical and mental acuity, superior in numbers to the average population, because of the use of Maca. 
The Maca plant is indeed one of the ancient popular remedies well known and conservated in Peru until today.


Commercially available Maca products show great differences regarding the quality, the production technique and its composition. Accordingly, some of the Maca products are of little or very reduced effectiveness. These differences become evident not only with Maca products containing additives, or those treated with synthetic fertilizer and cleaning agents, but also with Maca products from organic cultivation and those containing pure Maca root powder. These also show differences, affecting the quality and finally the effectiveness of Maca. 

Some of the Maca sellers claim, that only the yellow Maca is the best. But this is simply the most common Maca plant cultivated. Each plant has tubers in different colors, which all have the same characteristics, but a different concentration regarding the substances of content. So, the yellow tubers are not the most highly valued ones, but those representing the most significant part of the crop. According to Peruvian scientists the color of Maca tubers depends on the different mineral nutrients absorbed from the soil during the growth. Thus, the black tubers, that are more rare than the yellow ones, show a higher concentration of mineral substances like iron, magnesium, calcium as well as valuable isoflavonoides. At the same time the yellow tubers have a higher concentration of beta-carotene and the purple ones a higher concentration on anti-oxidatives, particularly anti-cyanines. 

The distinctiveness of Original Inca’s Maca is made up primarily of the organic and natural cultivation and the production technique based on a secret formula of the ancient Incas and secondly on an optimal mixture of the Maca tubers of different colors in order to grant a maximum of quality and effectiveness.


In the middle of last century, a new interest came up among Peruvian and international scientists regarding the properties of the ancient food plant “Lepidium meyenii”. The Peruvian scientist, Dr. Gloria Chacon, was recognized for her recent research on the effectiveness of Maca promoting fertility. She studied the influence of the Maca root on the fertility of laboratory mice, since 1960. At the University of Lima Dr. Gloria Chacon conducted studies with alkaloids from the Maca root on male and female mice. These alkaloids produced an elevated fecundity effect on the sexual organs of the mice. They produced a stimulating effect on the hypotalamus and hypophysis to produce the necessary sexual hormones. According to Dr. Chacon, the Maca root acts positively, not only on sexual organs, but also on the whole endocrine system. The pancreas, thyroid and adrenalinic glands of both sexes are positively influenced by the Maca root. Maca regulated the hormonal level in both genders of mice. (Dr. Gloria Chacon, Maca the Peruvian food plant with high nutritional and medicinal properties. Lima, 2001). 

The scientist 
Gustavo Gonzales of the University Cayetano Heredia in Peru is the first researcher that has studied Maca‘s action on humans. He has administered the Maca to 9 volunteers for 3 months. He has established a 180-200% increase of energy and a doubling of sperm production. According to Gonzales the use of Maca shows already after 2-3 weeks an increased sexual activity. This study has also pointed out that Maca lowers the blood pressure and doesn't have any negative repercussions on the heart. (from Asian journal of Andrology). 

During the last 30 years some international and American scientists and physicians studied intensively the efficacy of the Maca root and how it acts on the human body. According to 
Dr. Hank Oswald, Maca significantly strengthens the immune system. "You can see through the microscope the positive effects on the blood. The elements that are responsible for this are probably minerals and microelements that sustain the glands and the metabolic system". Dr. Oswald continues: "One of the worthiest qualities to be noted about Maca is the stress reduction. Maca is a strong Adaptogen that balances and normalizes the body’s functions. Maca is able, for example, to lift low blood pressure and to lower high blood pressure. Therefore Maca has a stabilizing effect on hormones. It is famous because it mitigates the uncomfortable symptoms of the pre-menstrual syndrome as well as the troubles of the menopause and other ailments related to female hormones…" (Dr. Hank Oswald in Feel stronger and healthier). 

A group of Italian researchers at the Pharmacy University of Ferrara, Italy, under the direction of 
Prof. Dr. Stefano Manfredini and Dr. Angela Angusti, studied the substances found in the Maca root and their effects on the human body. They testify that the Maca root helps to delay the aging process of the organism contemporarily acting on different forefronts. This is described in the following way: Thanks to its content of vitamins with antioxidant action (vitamin A, C, E), flavonoids, unsaturated fat acids, phosphorus and oligoelements as manganese, copper and zinc, Maca possesses energizing qualities and promotes the maintenance of body activities in the sexual area as well as mental lucidity. In addition, Maca considerably lowers the rate of cholesterol (particularly, the values of the harmful LDL), which prevents the calcification of the arteries and maintains them free from plaque. 

Dr. Jorge Aguila Calderon, Dean of the Faculty of Human Medicine at the Federico Villareal National University in Lima, Peru, resumes all his research and experience throughout the years with the therapeutic application of Maca on patients. He says that a wide variety of conditions have been treated successfully with Maca, such as osteoporosis or the healing of bone fractures of very old people. “Maca has a lot of easily absorbable calcium in it, plus magnesium and a fair amount of silica, which we are finding very useful in treating decalcification of bones in children and adults.” Dr. Calderon has also helped patients to overcome male impotence and female sterility by employing a basic Maca therapy. Additional problems he treats with Maca are rickets, various forms of anaemia, menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats, climacteric and erectile difficulties in men, premature ageing and general states of weakness, such as chronic fatigue. (Article in "Physicians Note"). 

In conclusion, scientists from different countries come to the conclusion, that Maca is a natural product able to stimulate the hormonal function of the body bringing them at the same time into an optimal balance.


Who we are 
Samnium Vita is a young and dynamic company born from the encounter of professionals with experience in the area of production of natural products and with experts of marketing and sales. To be dynamic, professional and competent, are the most important characteristics of the team of Samnium Vita. 

What we do   
Samnium Vita is a business specialized in the production of natural products. Our knowledge and experience allows us to independently verify all the working phases of our products; from the cultivation of the raw material, the importation of the refined product from the respective countries of origin, the workmanship according to qualitative criterions of excellence, finally to market  and distribute our products on the international markets.  

As we operate  
Samnium Vita operates with his own staff, constantly update, and in tightened contact with international researchers and companies, specialized in the scientific supply of know-how and the raw materials equipment in the area of herbal medicine. 

Our philosophy  
The love and the respect for the nature which GOD creation has pushes to us to operate for it and with it. The constant verification of the quality of our products, joined to the constant modernization of ours staff and to the search of innovative natural solutions is our company philosophy. 
In other words: “The nature is a gift of GOD and in it there is the health.” With this maxim we wish to help our customers to living better. “In the nature there is the health and in it the healthy solutions are found in order living”. The love and the respect for the nature which GOD creation has pushes to us to operate for it and with it. 
Our goal is to be the difference. To be different means to be the BEST between the competitors, to offer a porduct with the MAXIMUM OF QUALITY and EFFICIENCE, to respect the nature using ONLY BIOLOGICAL CULTURES and manufacturing processes with natural methods following ancient traditional techniques for the manufacturing, so that every single cycle of production is always in harmony with the nature. 


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