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Another Road Block?

As it turns out, my brain is not the only thing standing between me and my dreams of cons, art, and nerdery. My job seems to be conflicting with my aspirations, and I might not be able to take the time off I need after all.

This is a big step back for me. Am I not supposed to do this? Am I supposed to keep my dreams in a little locked box, and never reach for the stars? I have invested a lot of myself, pouring my emotions on the canvas, for the past few months. Every time I present a new painting, I feel really “naked”. It’s like every brush stroke is uncovering a little piece of me, an emotional strip-tease. It is also very cathartic for me. It is my way of expressing myself, putting it out there for everyone to see. I always felt that being an artist was keeping me sane. When I was in stuck inside my own brain the past few years, and wasn’t able to paint, it really felt like my own version of hell: I was miserable! Now that I am back from the 9th circle, thanks to my very own Orpheus, I don’t want to go back!

So I decided to continue painting (although I have to admit that this news hit me hard and I haven’t been able to actually get going on my new painting yet). I have a list of things that I want, need, to paint! My brain won’t shut up! Too many images and colors are forming up there and want to get out! So I am going to be an optimist, for once, and go with the idea that I am going to make it the cons that I scheduled. Get ready New England geek community, because here I come!