Le ciel dans une chambre

A romantic but sensual song as Carla Bruni sings of the magical transformation of her room when she is in the arms of her lover.
 The song was written by the Italian singer-song-writer, Gino Paoli, before he  achieved fame.  He first had the song recorded by the Italian singer, Mina. It was issued on a 45 rpm single in June 1960.
Carla Bruni included the song on her debut album in 2003 and  Paoli very much approved of her version.  Six years later, he rerecorded his song in duet with Carla Bruni (2009).

Gino Paoli has given us full details about the inspiration and the meaning of his song. The experience that inspired him was a one-night stand with a prostitute:   He tells us: "I wanted to describe the moment in which you are in a bed with a woman, you just had sex, and in the air you feel a sort of magic, which you don't know where it comes from and which immediately vanishes. In that moment you understand that you are nobody, but there's the whole world in your soul. Obviously I could not put in the lyrics the central moment of the story, the sex act. And I started to go around in circles, talking about the rumours in the street, the walls... a spiral path in which the unsaid triumphs".

Whatever the particular circumstances of its creation, the inspiring message of this sweet song is that making love is a pure ectasy and the way that the beautiful Carla Bruni tells it there is no doubt about this truth.

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Quand tu es près de moi,

Cette chambre n'a plus de parois

Mais des arbres oui, des arbres infinis,


Et quand tu es tellement près de moi,

C'est comme si ce plafond-là,

Il n'existait plus, je vois le ciel penché sur nous... qui restons ainsi,

Abandonnés tout comme si,

Il n'y avait plus rien, non plus rien d'autre au monde,


J'entends l'harmonica... mais on dirait un orgue,

Qui chante pour toi et pour moi,

Là-haut dans le ciel infini

Et pour toi, et pour moi


Quando sei qui con me

Questa stanza non ha piu pareti

Ma alberi, alberi infiniti

E quando tu sei vicino a me

Questo soffitto, viola, no

Non esiste più, e vedo il cielo sopra a noi

Che restiamo quì, abbandonati come se

Non ci fosse più niente più niente al mondo,




Suona l'armonica, mi sembra un organo

Che canta per te e per me

Su nell'immensità del cielo

E per te e per me



 Et pour toi, et pour moi.




When you are close to me

This bedroom has walls no longer

But trees, yes, trees stretching to infinity


And when you are so very close to me

It’s as if that ceiling up there

It existed no more; I see the sky leaning over us, who remain like this

Left on our own, just as if,

There was nothing more, nothing else in the world, any longer


I hear the harmonica, but you’d think it an organ

Which sings for you and me

Up there in the infinite sky

Both for you and for me


When you are here with me

This room has no walls any longer

But trees, trees that stretch out to infinity

And when you are so very close to me

This ceiling, in purple does not

Doesn't exist anymore, and I see the sky above us

Who remain here, abandoned like this, as if

There was nothing else, no nothing more in this world


The harmonica plays, it seems an organ to me

Which sings for you and me

Out in the immensity of the sky

Both for you and for me



Both for you and for me







The English-language version of the song was also recorded by Connie Francis in her 1963 album Connie Francis Sings Modern Italian Hits.

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