THE ORIGINAL CARIB TYKE INTERNATIONAL BREED CLUB & REGISTER The Original Carib Tyke International Breed Club and Register was founded by David G. A. Rostant to act as the international governing body for the Carib Tyke breed and commenced by self charter on Thursday 4th August 2005. The OCTIBCR is the oldest and only official registry for the Carib Tyke breed. To be accepted as a genuine Carib Tyke, a dog must be descended from 100% OCTIBCR recognized bloodlines. The OCTIBCR does not seek recognition of the Carib Tyke by any other canine registry. We are a full service registry, with our headquarters in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, in the West Indies. We maintain the oldest breed and stud books, license foreign breed clubs, sanction field trials and conformation shows, license breed judges, maintain the archives of all events and awards or titles presented at them. The OCTIBCR also acts as the final arbiter of any and all disagreements between members, between members and an OCTIBCR national or regional breed club and between OCTIBCR national breed clubs. Membership in the OCTIBCR is open to all who are interested in the Carib Tyke breed and in using it for its intended purpose as a hunter. The OCTIBCR believes that the Carib Tyke should never become primarily a show dog or pet and as such demands that all Carib Tykes be certified as hunters before final registration. BUYER BEWARE if it does not carry OCTIBCR registration papers then it is not a Carib Tyke. 


        Our goal: To save the Carib Tyke from extinction and Promote it as a working        
                         Hunting Dog, for Ground and Treeing Game.

        CONTACT US AT  email:- originalcaribtykes@gmail.com

                        postal address:- Original Carib Tyke International Breed Club and Register.
                                                                                   C/O  David Rostant- President
                                                           TTpost depot, Eastern Main Road, Valencia.
                             phone #:- 667-9519

         Official OCTIBCR blog Worldwide Carib Tykes:-   http://worldwidecaribtykes.blogspot.com/

           We support Caiere Chase, a Trinbago hunters' e-zine/blog:- http://caierechase.blogspot.com/ 

                                               Attention members we now provide 
                    free website construction and management services 
                                         for all O.C.T.I.B.C.R. members.


     Carib Tyke in a Yanomami village, on the Brazil / Venezuela border.
Photo sourced from National Geographic.

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