Origami Squared

Math, origami, and the numbers behind the paper.


GooglePages is currently transitioning to GoogleSites. This will hopefully be a happier home for us. Most of the content will be down for the next few months, but you may still check out our galleries while you wait. If you are too upset about being unable to access our content, I am accepting all donations to host my own servers. ;)



Update # 11: Really cool!

I don't have time to work on the website (sorry to my two or three loyal fans), but I have a video to share with you! This is a lecture by the origami guru Robert Lang sent to me by one of my math professors. Click HERE to view the lecture.


Update # 10: A plea for help

Please support our YouTube videos by watching them, subscribing to our YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/origamisquaredvideos) and sharing our videos with your family/friends. We are preparing to apply for a partnership on YouTube, which would both fund us and widen our audience. The more support our videos get in the next few months, the more likely we are to get accepted. Funding and a community makes a better site for everyone. Thanks for your help!


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