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Therapeutic Value

Origami sessions can provide psychological support, e.g.
  • Conveys the feeling of acceptance when you take time to demonstrate or teach origami
  • Promotes the feeling of being connected when the client realized self as part of a group
  • Staff doing origami presents an approachable image  ( this activity can pause anytime for other urgent intervention )
  • Confirms the staff's availability as the client can choose the right time to voice his problem when he feels ready.

Origami sessions can encourage desirable behaviours, e.g.

  • Use positive social interaction
  • Use problem-solving approach
  • Be patient
  • Promote creativity
  • To develop a hobby
  • To involve in activity
  • To share feelings and knowledge

Origami sessions can facilitate

  • Learning experience
  • Problem solving experience
  • Communication experience
  • Goal setting experience
  • Opportunity for fun & relaxation
  • Opportunity to receive feedback and positive reinforcement

Other possibilities in Origami sessions

  • Used as a bridging therapy
  • Used as an relaxation before other therapies
  • Used as an non-threatening approach
  • Used as an ice breaker

George Ho - origami  1993 - 2018 C