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I am a retired mental health nurse in Perth, Australia.  I was born in China, educated in Hong Kong and trained as a psychiatric nurse in Kent, U.K. When I was a little boy, my grandmother showed me how to fold a few things, e.g. a boat, a plane, fortune teller etc.  During my childhood, I had to fold things at funerals and festivals. 

Since 2008  I started exploring different folding possibilities.  Its interesting to create some simple origami.  The origami mask was one of them   .......   George Ho.


                                               Origami Swan near lake Monger in Perth WA

How I started with origami - In I993, a patient approached me when I worked in a psychiatric unit in a general hospital.
She taught me how to fold a crane and told me about herself.

This patient was recovering from a major surgery. While she was seriously ill, she had to stay in the Intensive Care Unit with a tracheostomy. Therefore, she could not talk. Being nursed in bed day and night, she was restless and agitated. Medication could not help her to settle. Eventually, she tried paper folding. That had a surprising effect. She felt calmer and regained control of herself. She believed that paper folding helped her to relax.
With some doubts and curiosity, I searched for origami books. My interest grew as I learned more about it. Gradually, paper folding became my hobby that brings me joy and peace.    .......   George Ho.

Australian Science Week 2012


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