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I am a retired mental health nurse in Perth, Australia.  I was born in China, educated in Hong Kong and trained as a psychiatric nurse in Kent, U.K. When I was a little boy, my grandmother showed me how to fold a few things, e.g. a boat, a plane, fortune teller etc.  During my childhood, I had to fold things at funerals and festivals. 

                                                                                                     Origami Swan near lake Monger in Perth WA

How I started with origami - In I993, a patient approached me when I worked in a psychiatric unit in a general hospital.
She taught me how to fold a crane and told me about herself.

This patient was recovering from a major surgery. While she was seriously ill, she had to stay in the Intensive Care Unit with a tracheostomy. Therefore, she could not talk. Being nursed in bed day and night, she was restless and agitated. Medication could not help her to settle. Eventually, she tried paper folding. That had a surprising effect. She felt calmer and regained control of herself. She believed that paper folding helped her to relax.
With some doubts and curiosity, I searched for origami books. My interest grew as I learned more about it. Gradually, paper folding became my hobby that brings me joy and peace.    .......   George Ho.

Australian Science Week 2012


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