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Origami   is the art of paper folding.

Origami  can help you to focus on "here and now"


Origami provides -     a way  to create, to relax  or   a  gift to someone.

Also ...... A  bridge of communication in therapy


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 I enjoy paper folding since 1993

     Enjoy   ......    Song of Bridge        by    NHS Choir

    Enjoy ......    Yours      by   National Health Singers


My son created this site in   1999.  

                                                                                       George Ho and swan in Perth
The  folding  process can be relaxing.
The end product is a bonus.



                 Learning origami together.  Also learning patience, co-operation, tolerance.    

Building parent & child relationship ...... and sowing seeds of Peace !

A lesson for beginners 




George Ho - origami  1993 - 2017  J