OCoP Past Events

OCoP has been involved in various events in the past.  Some of our highlights can be seen in the following pages:

9-11 Peace Tree at the Squirrel Hill branch of Carnegie Library.
This tree was on display in recognition of the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington DC.  To see pictures of this tree you can click on the "9-11 Peace Tree" link under "OCoP Past Events" in the sidebar.

"Paper Magic Tree" for Phipps Garden Center, 2010.
This tree was on display at the Phipps Garden Center during their holiday tea lunches and sale.  To see pictures of this tree you can click on the "Paper Magic Tree" link under "OCoP Past Events" in the sidebar.

Origami Holiday Tree in Kona Airport, Hawaii, 2009.
This tree was a celebration for "The Sea Around Us: Celebrating 50th Anniversary of the 50th Statehood.".  OCoP folded a number of fish models displayed on the tree, which were the design of Yuko Nakamura.  There is a Flickr gallery with pictures of the tree, and there are notations on the pictures indicating some of the people that folded the models.  You'll see references to Sue Neff and the Origami Club of Pittsburgh for the models our group provided.  The Flickr gallery for this tree can be seen here:   http://www.flickr.com/photos/alohaorigami/sets/72157622931820236     
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Carnegie Museum's Holiday Tree display of 2006.
Each year Carnegie Museum has a thematic display of a number of Christmas trees that takes place the end of November through early January.  Various groups are invited to decorate a tree, and in 2006 OCoP was privileged to decorate one of five trees with the theme of Folk Tales.  We chose a Ukranian tale entitled "The Mitten". The group produced over 1,000 models and decorated the tree over a three day period.  Only four spotlights were used to light the tree, as we did not want to detract from the models themselves.  To see pictures of this tree you can either click on the "Carnegie Museum Tree" link under "OCoP Past Events" in the sidebar, and/or click on the following Flickr link a previous OCoP member created containing additional pictures of the tree:  
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