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Henna is a plant which when dried, grinded and mixed with water leaves a deep brownish red staining on the skin. It has been a wedding tradition in Pakistan. India, Morroco, Egypt and the Middle East that brides adorn their bodies with henna designs. It is a symbol of happiness and festivity. Unlike traditional tattoos henna leaves a temporary stain and its application is 100% painless. It is just like decorating your body with cold chocolate paste. It is very soothing and in countries with hot climatic conditions, henna paste is applied to palms, soles and head to cool down the body. In a more modern and global scenario henna has taken an art revival. Henna is now a temporary beautification without the cost of committment to a permanent tattoo. It is now a part of the party scene and more and more people are getting interested in this form of art.
Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a great way to adorn your body with lovely designs without the cost of real tattoos; in terms of physical pain and money. If you considering to get a real tattoo you can bring in your selected designs, wear them for up to a five days and develop a feeling about your permanent tattoos. All temporary tattoos are done with state of the art temporary body paint from Temptu, which is the current industry standard for professional makeup and special effects. Body paint is applied with the use of brushes and does not cause pain, allergy or any discomfort at all. Temporary tattoos are appropiate and safe for all ages 3 and up.