In June 2010 at 67, Chloe had left hip replacement surgery. Injured in a childhood accident, it's amazing that she has been able to walk, run and dance freely all her life. For 15 months prior to surgery, she tried to cure the hip problem and related back pain (spasms, pinched nerve in lumbar) with her usual conscious dietstyle plus exercises, especially Egoscue, but ultimately an x-ray showed the bone to be honeycombed and liable to break at any time. With an upcoming teaching trip to Mexico and a trip to India scheduled, Chloe decided the risk was too great and scheduled surgery.
The purpose of this website is to share what Chloe did to prepare for the operation, what can be done during, and what she did to recover (left sidebar, Before, During, After). You are welcome to explore these possibilities for yourself, for your personal betterment and well-being. Please be aware, however, that the only advice here is to work closely with the medical practitioners of your choice. The rest of the information in the website is simply a record of what Chloe did and should not be understood as advice, nor does the Resonance Repatterning Institute or Chloe Wordsworth present it with that intention. 
Best wishes to you from Chloe and the admin staff at the Resonance Repatterning Institute!