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Transliteration Engine

posted Apr 22, 2012, 3:12 PM by N W

Hello world, sorry it's been so long since I last updated this!

I've been working on a nifty project to write a program to convert the clumsy plaintext transliteration that you get by turning off the Ó.S. fonts to the more presentable one that uses accents and *h digraphs. I've finished the first draft, and here is an example. 
I've used the converter to make the first paragraph of the old unfinished translation of  Lovecraft's Cats of Ulthar look nice and neat:

Transliteration: vókheng tál da últharé, vú pherntó phlebsígé skaíé é, ing líz likélaleng íaúrar óshúdharékh, kwe híar ing vé óshútalám póv, dhújh ing tílzang ad éngar, vú ant kháshear ajhpur ses. ínve íaúr gehinmem é, kwe éngsha ad evarsh, vúrsh idh líz póv óshúhazwid. é éng ajhé águptwa jórmathwa, kwe ajhphórthab kógwash rús gástwash ajhblítengúwash bin meróé kwe bin ophíré. é éng túp télwa bisúngwa, kwe injenil gehinwash aphríkwa unéngwa. é éngwa sephim sphíngks, kwe éng vókh órgomar éngwa, tarth éng é thaz jórmath ól sphíngks, kwe anrín híar vúr éng blít.

This is the program's output. It converts capitalized vowels to their accented equivalents and barred consonants to the proper digraphs. The program also converts the & ligature to kwe. No sentence level capitalization yet. Wait for version 1.1!

A Blast from the Past

posted Sep 5, 2011, 5:14 PM by N W

Wow, check it out! My original website (the one I made in notepad) still exists! For now at least...

Republication of the Original Chrestomathy

posted Sep 1, 2011, 10:04 AM by N W

The old chrestomathy, which was the last successfully published Ó.S. reference, is now once again available from Lulu in a new format. Enjoy!

An Outlet to Replace the Old Blog

posted Sep 1, 2011, 9:56 AM by N W   [ updated Sep 5, 2011, 11:57 AM ]

The old Órgom Silawa blog will still be around as an archive, but I won't be updating it anymore. New projects and grammatical updates will appear here.

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