M  A  N  A  G  E  M  E  N  T

(A Beginning)

You’re a manager and you're busy, I know, that it is the main reason I wrote this short management 'what to do' for mangers. Additionally one day I sat watching a friend reading a management book with a highlighter in his hand, trying to separate the gems from the verbiage… another reason to write. Also as is my habit on aeroplanes I read business magazines and my friends highlighting activity reminded me of a statement I read some time ago in a yearly ‘business book review’ in the “Economist”. I cannot remember the exact wording however the message was that ‘ninety seven percent of what was written in management books was a waste of time and that busy managers do not have the time to read all the books to find the three percent that is worthwhile’. The management Gurus that write these books surely are highly intelligent, well read and obviously very learned people. Many of their ideas have lead to a revolution in productivity and organisational development, however, with respect… they are also very verbose (long winded) and often when reading these management books I get the feeling that they are written to, at best, impress CEO’s of companies or at worst, to prove how smart they are to other academics. Even many text books seem to be designed to inspire some kind of mental mining operation where you have to remove tons of overburden to find a few nuggets of gold.


What do managers actually do… or need to do?

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