Orgatanatos - проект экспериментальной электронной музыки из Ташкента.
Участники проекта — Иксанов Никита (igence_sic) и Любкин Илья (DS).

Стилистика Orgatanatos варьируется в стилях Glitch, IDM, Clicks’n'Cuts
Orgatanatos independent experimental post-digital project from Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
Orgatanatos's history begins in 2007.
Members of the project - Nikita Iksanov (igence_sic) and ILYA Lyubkin (DS).

don't make imaginary philosophy. it all just fragments. everyone chooses own picture in head. it can be anything. random shapes in each rhythm. in every sound of broken media-player. this isn't music, it's the diagnosis. as an empty fuel tank in your bmw. or broken screen of your iphone. losted passport. decrease at job. sassy girlfriend. finger-maim at the kitchen. last bus. errors and glitches for all occasions. you don't notice it, but we do it with pleasure and derision.