Welcome to QualitySoft

From: President & CEO
Subject: Welcome

I would like to personally welcome you to QualitySoft.

We are very excited to have reached a funding level that allows us to hire a team like yours. In your first weeks here, you will decide on communication mechanisms that keep your team organized, prepare documents, create and deliver presentations, and design and develop software. These projects may take you out of your comfort zone and push you to think in new ways. However, we are certain that the excitement of solving these challenges will more than make up for the difficulties you might encounter.

We expect each of you to make the client’s needs your priority by contributing to your team and producing quality, finished products on time. We have worked hard to develop a reputation for excellence. We are currently the industry leader in consulting services in information technology. 

About Our Company
We hire the same kind of software engineers as other innovative technology organizations hope to hire, only better: People who are adaptable, creative problem solvers and independent learners. Professionals who can work well with people and work successfully on teams. In a nutshell, we value people who are professional and know how to get projects done in a team efficiently and effectively.

We specialize in providing high quality, reliable solutions for businesses in today's fast pace technology industry. We are committed to personal and professional integrity, honesty, and open communications between ourselves and with our clients.  We seek long-term relationships with our clients. 

Here at QualitySoft we follow a software development process that has been found to produce the highest quality software in the shortest period of time. Your first week here will mostly be taken up by learning how to follow this process. 

Before you begin

Before you begin work, read the "How To Succeed" memo to learn the way things work here at QualitySoft. If you are going to work here, you must follow our process, which is currently the industry standard one. You can read about it in the "Software Development Process" memo. 

You will see that, in order to be successful, your team must complete specific Tasks in order. Follow the task links  on the left to discover the details of each task. Be certain to review the Requirements section for each task before you embark on your solution. You must ask any questions about any of this material if it is not clear to you.

Our R&D assistant has gathered Resources for you to reference as you complete the Tasks assigned. If you have suggestions for additional resources, please post them to the public DIscussion area.

This is a fast-paced working environment. I hope you will enjoy and be up to the challenge. Welcome aboard!