The G.O. Getters

Kristie Gannon, Owner-Organizer
    In Kristie’s professional years she has a resume of experience as classroom teacher, preschool teacher, spa/skin business owner, and most importantly as a mother and home manager. A mother understands that time management is essential and organization is the key. She has a lifetime of personal experience and over a year of professional experience.  Kristie is a professional woman who launched Organize Your Space to bring her talents as an organizer to your home and space.

Abby Mucci, Organizer

  Abby is a stay-at-home-mom that maintains her home and cares for her two spirited boys on a daily basis. When she is not caring for her family, she is practicing Yoga and keeping herself in balance. Abby is always on the go managing home and business; so being organized, and well planned is required. She would now like to use her drive and multitasking expertise to make your space one you love to live or work in. 

Jennifer Burke, Organizer

    Jen is a former middle school teacher who knows the value of organization. Everything must have plan and system in order to be successful.  Now as a stay at home mom to two energetic girls, those skills are being utilized to instill and establish routines with them.  She is a highly motivated and creative go getter who loves to work with people and help organize your space.

Ashley C, Organizer


Mission Statement

    We at Organize Your Space, LLC are a professional organizational service company. Focused on helping clients get control of their home space, by providing unbiased opinions to help purging the client’s life of the clutter. Clients of Organize Your Space, LLC will receive personal attention in their project needs as well as company support, long term tools to help keep their space organized, and fully functional for their everyday living.

    Our G.O. Getters are not classroom qualified - we are life qualified! Tested a tried by our ability to defy the odds and work not simply as a “stay-at-home-mom” but as home management professionals. Carefully running a household on a budget and getting things done! This company is founded to empower women like Kristie Gannon, its owner, with the ability to make money on her time. We are a team of Go Getters, who are ready to get the job done!