Bulk hours will decrease the rate per hour. The more you buy the more you save!

  • Hourly rate $60, the industry average, with a 2-Hour Minimum of $120
  • 4-Hour Block at $216
  • 6-Hour Block at $324
  • 8-Hour Block at $408
  • 12-Hour Block at $576 (save 20%)
  • 24-Hour Block at $1008 (best value save 30%)

Look what we can do for you!

Want to give the gift of organization? 
Contact the office at (908) 433-3333 to speak to a representative who will help you design the perfect Gift Certificate!

Home Services Available:

  • Organize ANY room
  • Create systems for home efficiency
  • File systems for personal information
  • Pack a room for moving
  • Unpack and arrange after moving
  • Staging homes for sale

Office Services Available:
  • Organize Office to promote efficiency
  • Pack / unpack office for moving
  • Arrange new work areas