Testable Question:
  How did crime shape the view of law enforcement and the racial conflict between immigrants and native-born Americans?
 The 1920s’ was mostly seen as a wealthy decade, though it didn’t start off as one.“As the decade moved on, the economy boomed and America began the age of consumerism”(The RoaringTwenties, p1).  The was the start of jazz music , the coming of Babe Ruth, New ethnic groups coming in and changing the culture and religion there. The 1920s had the nickname the roaring twenties because of it fun and eventful decade of events.  Though, it seemed all fun and games on the outside there were internal conflicts.  A lot the immigrants that came to America experienced poverty. America was changing every aspect of itself with the coming of new clothes, hair, religion, and culture. Some felt that some morals are disappearing and other feel the change is good. The 1920s suffered a lot of internal conflict and has a ‘culture civil war’. ( Hypertext history,1)
  Organized crime rose in the 1920's because of the economic depression and the illegalization of alcohol."The people turned more and more to criminal activity, organized criminals such as the American mobsters and European crime syndicates thrived, most common people looked upon these organizations as heroes" (Organized Crime in the 1920's). When prohibition came out so did bootleggers, suppliers of illegal alcohol. Gangsters "found that by joining forces they could create an organization large enough to handle the entire bootlegging operation"(History of America). The gangs would move into other illegal business like gambling and racketeering. Citizens were scared of the gangs because they would be gunned down or have their homes or businesses blown up. The FBI lead by J.Edgar Hoover "became the independent force against organized crime during the 1920's" (History Of America).