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We now offer Virtual Assitants for your small business


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STRATEGIES, the parent group of Organize 4 Life, LLC offers an array of services to help our clients reach the level of success that they deserve. Along with our organizational and financial strategy services, we also provide services for our small business owners in the area of Virtual Assistance.

Often we find that small business lack the cashflow to hire full-time or even traditional part-time administrative assistance although this position is crucial in the development of the new business entity. so, in 2008 we added virtual assistance to our line of services we offer.

With our virtual assistant program, new and small businesses are able to receive the quality of work they expect, but at a reduced price than traditional in office support.

Our virtual assitances have extended experience in administration, business operations/management, project management, accounting/payroll and marketing.

Our services include:

* Excel Spreadsheet development and maintenance

* MS Access Database development and maintenance

* Payroll

* Logo Design

* Marketing material design

* Business Promotion

* Business entity establishment (licensing, etc)

* Appointment/calendar maintenance and update

* And a host of other administrative duties


Allow our associates to take your business to the next level!