Organizational Memory

Hi, I´m Luis Mourão, a portuguese student at a Technology and Information Systems Doctoral Program in the University of Minho, Portugal. Our research in progress aims to deepen our understanding about Organizational Memory as the support for the Organizational Mind. Prof. Phd Isabel Ramos is my thesis adviser.

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The Importance of Learning in Organizations


Organizational Memory Research

The present era, generically known as the Information age, is dramatically changing the way companies access information. The Web 2.0 collaborative society, supporting new ways of accessing, exchanging and promoting information, may transform its workers, the knowledge workers, in the basis of a sustainable platform organizations may use to get competitive advantages and innovate. 
The management of organizational memory, sustained in its 
three forms of intellectual capital is, therefore, essential and, up to the moment, difficult to achieve, as no significant and practical results were produced to improve it. 
My research project aims to develop a systemic approach to allow the diagnose and intervention in organizational memory, seen as a dynamic system, gathering all its components into a useful model capable to provide the knowledge about the distributed capacity an organization has to capture and mobilize knowledge serving as the base to the development of a diagnostic and intervention model in organizational memory, as well as the construction of a prototype to support the monitoring of organizational memory evolution.

Crowdsourcing Innovation - Prof. Isabel Ramos

Business Intelligence - Tecnologias da Informação na Gestão de Conhecimento - 2.ª Edição Actualizada e Aumentada
Authors: Maribel Yasmina Santos and Isabel Ramos
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