Lexus Install - The Glove box

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After buying all the parts, it was time to start preparing for the install. First and foremost, I had to take out the glove box from my car and start cutting it up a bit. I found a good piece of heavy cardboard that I thought would be perfect to screw the motherboard onto. 

 After measuring the glovebox and cutting the carboard out to fit inside of it, it looks like the Epia motherboard will fit perfectly inside the glovebox.


So I began to cut up the glovebox. I would basically need just one slot out of the back for all the wires to stick out of. Pretty simple and since no one will actually see the cut, I didn't have to do my best work on it.

So far so good, it looks like everything will fit nicely! 

 After seeing it all put together, it occurred to me that on a hot summer day, this computer can get pretty hot sitting inside the glovebox without any ventilation. So I decided to cut two more holes to install fans to help cool the computer. (I have one fan blowing in, and one blowing out).

In case you're wondering if the fans helped, the CPU temp ranges from 35-50 while the ambient temp ranges from 45-60. That's cooler than even the P4 sitting in my bedroom which only idles at 50....gotta love Epia!

The fans also have blue LED lights. It's actually a really nice touch because it gives my car a cool blue glow when I open the glove box to showoff my work. And once again, here's everything back inside of the glovebox with the fans installed now.

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