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I was also planning on install a DVD drive, as well as accesible USB ports. After all, I'll need to be able to plug in any USB thumbdrive and of course my NES USB controller (no emulator is complete without it). Since I've gotten so many inquiries on where I got the NES controller from, here's the site:

Since I wanted a cover to hide the bare parts inside the glovebox, I wanted to somehow combine these two into one slot in the cover...just so it'll be easier to make. I came across an old floppy drive bezel that I thought would be perfect for the job. Below is a shot of the DVD drive, USB ports, and the floppy bezel. The width of the floppy drive was almost the exact with of the USB hub I had, so the extra bezel on the side would make an excellent gap filler once attached to the DVD drive.

After cutting the bezel up a bit, attaching the DVD drive and taping the entire thing together, this is what I ended up with. It actually worked surprisingly well. It's very sturdy and I think looks perfect attached together...I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

And then I just attached this beautiful piece of plastic underneath the motherboard and voila...

The USB hub also glows blue so will go perfectly with the LED Fans I have. If you're wondering, what that green wirey thing hanging out is, it's my power switch. Since I was planning on powering this baby with the OPUS, I didn't have a powerswitch. So I took apart an old computer I had lying around and stole its power switch (is that wrong?)

Now that I had the glovebox all set up, there was only one thing left to do to complete it...the cover. I found this journal/scrabook thingy at an arts store that was perfect for what I was planning on doing. It had this sort of black cardboard cover that I thought would look perfect ontop of the glove box. So, I started cutting it up...

The cover fit perfectly, although I cut out the DVD slot a little too close to the bottom so I had to hold it together with some electrical tape. It was a pain to actually cut it up and it still looked good, so I just said the hell with it. After looking at the final product, it looked kind of bare and boring. I figured what could spice it up a bit more? And then it occurred to me...the Lexus logo!

I totally love that Lexus logo cut out from the cover and not only is it sexy, but it's practical too! It'll definitely help ventilate the computer. Also, it looks awesome with the blue LED fans glowing right behind it. Here's some final shots of the glove box all put together (although it is still sitting on my desk in my bedroom at this point)

Oh yeah, I also had some blue LED lights that I thought I'd put inside...just in case the fans and USB hub didn't glow enough (I figured the more lights the better since if I closed my glovebox, it'll be dark anyway) Here's a shot inside the glove box, you can see the lights I installed (the 2 horizontal bars) as well as a controller to manage them. I actually have them set up to oscillate with the music in my car.

Now that I got the glovebox all set up, it was time to move onto the monitor.

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