Restaurant Fundraiser

We are mixing it up this year with our restaurant fundraisers.  This year your PTA will sponsor one fundraiser in the fall and one in the Spring.  

PTA Night at Shane’s, Moe’s, Top My Pizza, & Menchie’s! - Wednesday October 23rd

Who doesn’t love a night without having to worry about what to have for dinner?! On Wednesday, October 23rd, dine at Shane’s, Moe’s, Top My Pizza, & Menchie’s and a portion of the proceeds will benefit our PTA! Stop at one or enjoy them all! Flyers will be send home which will be needed when making your purchase to ensure our PTA receives its proceeds.

McDonald's Night/Five Guys Night (date in Spring TBD)

Orenda hosts a McDonald's night at McDonald's on Route 9 in Halfmoon in the Spring and a Five Guys night in the Fall.  Teachers and staff volunteer to work shifts cooking, serving and hosting on these nights.  Classrooms compete for the best attendance and Orenda PTA receives a percentage of the evening's sales.  The committee plans and advertises this event to Orenda students and families.  Volunteers are needed to assist on these nights (1-2 hour shifts) by tallying the student participation from each classroom.