PTA How-to

There is a PTA crate in the main office at Orenda that holds file mailboxes for the Executive Board and any committee that chooses to have one. You can find tax exempt forms and reimbursement vouchers here, the treasurer's file to turn in receipts, etc.

Mail comes in and is not sorted every day. It is a good idea to check the general mail for something you might be expecting or waiting on and have not yet received.

There are large plastic envelopes that can be used to collect rsvp sheets for events. If you choose to use one of these, please label it with your event and leave it in the front of the crate. Any pertinent information for that event will find its way into that envelope. Please check it often in the week or so prior to your event. 

There is protocol to follow when making and copying flyers for PTA events. Please follow these carefully -
Flyers must be approved prior to distribution. Send a copy to anyone on the Executive Board and we will get approval from the office for you.

Copy room is available for PTA use before 7 am or after 4 pm. If you walk towards the cafeteria, turn left and walk forward you will be in the copy room. The PTA copy code is 3511, you will be asked to enter that code to begin.
PTA flyers must be printed on purple PTA paper. This is located in the PTA closet at the back of the stage, on a lower shelf of the first shelving unit. Keys to the closet are either in the office, or hanging at the dock. If you walk past the copy room to the end of the hall, you will come to the custodian's office and 'the dock'. The keys are hanging on the door frame and the one we use is tagged "O stage". Please remember to return this key when you are done.

You will need to make 26 sets of 25 copies - if you make your first copy a set of 25, then load that set into the top tray and make 27 copies. For single page flyers, they will come out already collated into the sets you need. The copier can also be set to staple a multi-page flyer. Remember to load your purple paper first...
For a half sheet flyer, there are paper cutters in the copy room.

Once you are done, stacks of flyers should be left on the cart in the main office with a note of explanation as to when they should be distributed. If possible, try to have your flyers done in advance of when you need them sent home, this is a courtesy to the office staff who will be distributing them.