Group 5
Katerine  Edney
Nereida Jaime
Lisa Young
NURS 526 - Nursing Inquiry 1
Welcome to our presentation on Dorothea Orem's Self-Care Theory.
According to Orem, she stated the following in her theory:
" The condition that validates the existence of a requirement for nursing in an adult is the health-associated absence of the ability to maintain continuously that amount and quality of self-care that is therapeutic in sustaining life and health, in recovering from disease or injury, or in coping with their effects. With children, the condition is the inability of the parent (or guardian) associated with the child's health state to maintain continuously for the child the amount and quality of care that is therapeutic." (Orem, 2001, p. 82)
Orem, D. E. (2001). Nursing: Concepts and Practice (6th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Mosby.
Orem's Theory is:
  • A grand nursing theory.
  • Orem’s Self care theory is based on the  philosophy that “all patients wish to care for themselves.” If they are allowed to perform their own self-care requisites to the best of their ability, they will recover more quickly and holistically.
Dorothea Orem proposed a nursing theory that is complex in words and concepts. In our presentation, we plan to simplify the theory into understandable language and present the concepts and general ideas behind the theory. We will then evaluate and critique the theory using Chinn and Kramer guidelines. After presenting a general basic understanding of Orem's theory, we will present on a research study that utilizes this theory. We will describe how the article used the theory and critique its use of the theory.  
In this presentation, you will find:
1. Description of the Model
2. Evaluation of the Model
Research Article that used Orem's theory
3. Description of the article
4. Evaluation of application of theory in the article
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