Welcome to 2019!  The predictions are now posted.  Realize that there are endless ODFW reports that are consumed by my draw programs.  While I run hundred of tests on the results to validate the data, I also rely on the users of this site to notify me should they same a suspicious number.

A couple things to keep in mind:

    -Always verify the hunt dates and bag limits with the regulations!

    -While I list harvest statistics on this site, it is an abbreviated version the ODFW harvest statistics, it is intended to be a "quick glance".  To complete the research on a given hunt, please look at the actual harvest statistics which are listed here: 

The draw data is listed here:

    -There are several sources for Oregon controlled tag draw odds.  The sources that I am aware of bases their odds what the odds of drawing were last year.  I list what the actual odds were last year, but this is not the basis for these draw odds.  The key difference is that I've created an algorithm that tracks application behavior and can identify trends.  It also considers the guide tag draw.  The added information results in a prediction that can track point creep and fall in, as well as fall out and the gradual disinterest of a hunt.  



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