With two locations this year, we have twice the fun learning!

We are hosting three types of session formats:
  • Full Sessions—our full sessions are 75-minutes long and allow for a deep look at a topic or tool. Unless noted otherwise, our sessions are hands-on. Bring a device to work alongside your session leader.
  • Lightning Rounds—our lightning rounds are fast-paced, 30-minute, focused sessions on a slice of a topic or tool. In some of these sessions, you may get the opportunity to sit back and absorb. We schedule lightning rounds before and after lunch to keep the day moving quickly.
  • Shared Sessions—we're a modern event, so we're modeling modern learning. Several of our sessions will be shared sessions, via Google Hangouts. The presenter may be at McNary, but we'll have a room and a hangout facilitator at Hillsboro for the participants there.
To keep things organized, we've created a separate list for each location: