Program History

Honoring the Past  
Challenging the Future
Collegiate strength and conditioning has really just established its roots over the last 30 to 40 years. However from the first time, back in 1896, when a young Bill Hayward started using kettle bells and dumbbells for “feats of strength” and later in the 30’s when he was developing shot putters, training to improve athletic performance has been a part of University of Oregon athletics.

The evolution of strength and conditioning at the University of Oregon continued during the 60’s as a very renowned shot putter named Neal Steinhauer was popularizing weight lifting, and on to the 70’s when Oregon’s first weight training facility was designated.

In 1978 newly appointed head football coach Rich Brooks brought the first full-time strength coach to the University of Oregon’s athletic department….new developments, new changes, each time better, each time a cut above!

With the latest developments in the University of Oregon Strength and Conditioning Program only a bigger step has been taken in an already rich tradition.
Autzen Weight Room