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Len Casanova Athletic Center

Len Casanova Athletic Center

Named after Oregon's longtime football coach and athletic director, the Len Casanova Athletic Center is well equipped to meet every athlete's need in the areas of strength and conditioning, athletic medicine, sports nutrition and counseling.

On the lower level of the "Cas Center" is the weight room and medical treatment center, football, soccer and lacrosse locker rooms. The equipment facilities are also located on the lower level.

Located just outside of the weight room is a grass field utilized for a wide variety of speed and mobility activities.

The upper level of the "Cas Center" contains offices for all of the department's coaches and administrators, conference rooms, audio/visual studios as well as exhibit and exposition centers for the university.
Varsity Athlete Weight Room

The 12,000 square foot weight room located within the Len Casanova Athletic Center was renovated in 1999.  It is limited to intercollegiate student-athletes, deparment coaches and staff, and selected club sports athletes through an offered class. The weight room is open all year, weekdays from 7am to 7pm during the school year and specific morning times on the weekends.

The design of this weight room is represented by the philosophy of the coaches emphasizing many types of training.

A wide variety of barbell activities may be performed utilizing lifting platforms, racks and jerk boxes, as well as a complete array of benches, machines, dumbbells, and medicine balls.

A large upstairs mezzanine is utilized for warm-up, calisthenics and core workout routines. Nearly 8 tons of weight is available as groups of 15 to 25 come through the doors at different times to be coached and assisted throughout each day.

Athletic Treatment Center