1. Warm-Up Routines

Training Preparation
Methods of preparation for quality work of greater demand. Routines consist of progressive rhythmic movements and dynamic stretch activities to ready the body for more strenuous and intense work, facilitate joint range of motion and postural alertness...e.g., warm-up.

This period provides the first opportunity during training to begin improving athleticism and movement efficiency. Begin to address and correct movement deficiencies related to poor mobility (particularly in the hips), torso structuring, movement patterns, & hip, knee, and ankle integrity.

The training preparation or warm-up period should progress towards more complex task.  Ideally the transition from the warm-up into the technical and developmental periods of training should be done so in a manner that is difficult for one to distinguish the end of the warm-up and the beginning of the main training session.

The warm-up may progress in a variety of ways such as follows:

General to Specific
Slow Movements to Fast Movements
High to Low (head to toe)
Linear to Lateral to Backward Movements
Combinations of the above

At Oregon we utilize a combination of the progressions mentioned above.  All training preparation is structured in a general to specific manner, incorporating and utilizing movements optimizing the form, techniques, and mobilization of specific sports skills while progressing to the specific tempo and pace of movement needed in the training session or particular sports practice and competition.