Scholarship Program for Mollusk Research

The Oregon Society of Conchologists offers an annual scholarship to currently enrolled college graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and third or fourth-year undergraduate students who are doing research on Pacific Northwest mollusks (see definition below). Scholarships up to $500 are awarded annually, and more than one scholarship may be given. 

Program Eligibility

The Oregon Society of Conchologists invites applications annually, based on the availability of funds, for scholarship awards of up to $500 per applicant. These scholarships are intended to assist graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and third or fourth-year undergraduate students who are doing research to further our knowledge of mollusks (marine, freshwater, terrestrial) in the Pacific Northwest. Candidates must be actively pursuing a project of merit that is in keeping with the purpose of the scholarship program. Preference will be given to candidates who are doing research in Oregon.

Application Form

A candidate must submit an application to the designated person of the Oregon Society of Conchologists, post-marked or emailed no later than the deadline date indicated on the scholarship application form.  A link to the application form can be found on the bottom of this page. 

Scholarship Award

Scholarships will be awarded based upon the Scholarship Committee Guidelines. No scholarship award will exceed $500. Funds may be used to assist with project expenses, such as supplies, equipment, books or other costs associated with carrying out a research project. Funds may be used alone or in combination with other sources of project funds. A link to the Scholarship Committee Guidelines can be found on the bottom of this page.

Report of Accomplishment

Scholarship recipients will be asked to submit a brief written report to the Oregon Society of Conchologists on how the funds were used and how they helped the researcher accomplish project goals. The report should include some descriptive information about the research project, and should indicate what information in the report is permissible to be printed in the Oregon Society of Conchologists monthly newsletter without infringing upon the researcher’s intention of publishing it firstly elsewhere, such as in a scientific journal.

Issuance of Scholarship Dollars

When a scholarship applicant is notified that funds have been awarded for his/her research project, the Oregon Society of Conchologists will request information on how the check for the funds is to be written, i.e., Pay to the Order of…the individual, the university, the department, etc. to assure the recipient has ready access to the funds.

For More Information

For more information about the Oregon Society of Conchologists scholarship program, please contact the president of the club.