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Field Trip to ‘The Premium Aquarium


    Twelve Oregon Shell Club members traveled to Salem, Oregon on February 7, 2016 to see the many magnificent salt and freshwater life tanks at ‘The Premium Aquarium’ shop. The aquarium shop has its own marine nursery for culturing numerous species of coral, as well as anemones, sea horses, and other marine and freshwater life forms. One of the main features of the shop is a live giant clam in a large tank with numerous beautifully-colored fishes, corals and anemones.

Marici, Trent and Clive

Giant Clam

Beautifully Colored Fish

Exotic Sea Life

Nursery for Coral and Sea Anemones

More Anemones and Coral

Summer Club Picnic

July 10, 2016


    The shell club’s summer picnic was held on Sunday, July 10, 2016, starting at 12:00 noon at the home of Duane & Shannon Hann. The picnic was a potluck meal. A meat dish, eating utensils and beverages were provided. The picnic was a casual family affair, and the 16-people who attend had a great time socializing with other club members and got to know them better! The picnic is usually held in the Hann’s expansive back yard. However, due to a heavy threat of rain this year the picnic was moved indoors in the Hann’s lovely home.

Annual Shell Show
Oregon State Fair August 26  through September 5

Multiple Shells Exhibits

1st place Adult Scientific Division - John Mellott

2nd place Adult Scientific Division - Norm Terry  

1st place Oregon Society of Conchologists Junior  Division – Jonathan Reid

Single Shell Exhibits

1st Place – Norm Terry

2nd Place – John Mellott

Special Awards

du Pont Trophy – John Mellott

Conchologists of America – Norm Terry

Jean McCluskey Trophy – Marici Reid

Thomas Hale Trophy – Jonathan Reid

Shell of the Show – Joyce Matthys

People’s Choice Award – Betty Kronbuegel

The du Pont Trophy winning exhibit  by  John Mellott

Conchologists of America Award winning exhibit by Norm Terry

1st place Oregon Society of Conchologists Junior  Division – Jonathan Reid 

Jean McCluskey Trophy – Marici Reid

People’s Choice Award – Betty Kronbuegel

In Memory of Ken Matthys

This exhibit by Brenda Russell shows the difference between shells found in tropical waters and those found in  the Pacific Northwest.


Children and adults alike enjoyed winning a shell when playing "Match the Shell" game.


This baby's first shell seems to taste really good!