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Other media/equipment

Audio Visual Library

    VHS Tapes

  • One VHS tape with five miscellaneous programs from earlier years of the Club.

  • The Sanibel Shell Show

  • Shell Meeting at Marine Science Center- July 21, 2000

  • Mollusks in Action - by Joyce Matthys
  • Competitive Shell Craft-Sanibel Shell Show 2002
  • Creatures of the Sea- Nature Series    


  • Undersea Treasures                          Produced by Jim Miller, Florida                      2005

  • Mollusks in Action                             Produced by Joyce Matthys                            2005

  • Trails & Tales of Living Seashells     Produced by Joyce Matthys                            2008

  • Bounty of the Bahamas                      Produced by Joyce Matthys                            2011

  • The Undersea World of Palau                        Produced by Jim Wedge, Sarasota , FL          2010
  • Who Will Get This (Shell Collection) When I Die?       
  • Undersea Treasures                          Produced by Jim Miller   
  • Euriskodata                                       Dept. Conch, Clarkston, Georgia    
  • COA Convention, Portland, 2007     


            National Geographic 

                Vol. XCVI,  July 1949                Shells Take You Over World Horizons,  Rutherford Platt

                Vol. CVII,  March 1955              X-rays Reveal the Inner Beauty of Shells,  Hilary Moore

                Vol. 135,  No. 3,  March 1969     The Magic Lure of Shells,  P. A.  Zahl & V. Boswell, Jr.

        American Conchologist

                Assorted issues from Vol. 27, No. 3 (1999) to Vol. 42, No.2 (2014)

        Of  Sea and Shore

                Assorted issues from Vol 1, No. 4 (1970) to Vol. 27, No. 4 (2007)

Shell Club Equipment Available to Club Members

  • Ultrakleen Shell Cleaner and Water Tank with Instructions

    After a demonstration of the club’s new Ultrakleen shell cleaning equipment, John Johnson took the ultrasonic tool home to try it out on a crusty old 7-inch turbo.  He said the ultrasound cleaner did a great job, but it took six hours to clean the turbo. However, it took only one hour to clean a less crusty 18 1/2 inch horse conch.

    John was careful not to put too much pressure on the expensive tip.  It costs $70.00 and he said a light scratch with this vibrating tip is all that is needed to break unwanted material away.  Excessive pressure can break the tip and the user is responsible for its replacement.            

    It is also important not to let the tip get too hot. Adequate pressure insures that the proper amount of water flows over the tip.  Pumping up the water container every 15 minutes insures there is plenty of pressure and will prevent a hot tip. The water flow can be adjusted by turning up the water control knob. The cleaner is available for use by club members. Contact John Mellott for more information.